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Full or Partial Dentures

Clinton Dental Center is the trusted source for every type of oral health procedure, including dentures. Dentures are a prosthetic, removable replacement for missing teeth that look quite natural. Where dental implants provide a permanent restoration, dentures are removable and will last for many years.

Complete Or Partial Dentures

When the patient has lost all of the teeth in an arch, complete dentures are the appropriate appliance.

A partial denture is used when there are several but not all teeth missing in an arch. These are sometimes called “bridges.” A partial denture fills in the missing teeth while anchored on remaining natural teeth and will also prevent the remaining natural teeth from moving out of place.

Conventional Or Immediate

Once the teeth are removed and the mouth has healed, a conventional denture is made. The patient will go without teeth during this four to six week process.

If the patient is hesitant to go without teeth, immediate dentures can be used. These are made before the teeth extraction and are placed immediately after the teeth have been removed. Once the patient’s mouth heals and swelling has gone down from the removal, adjustments will be needed for the denture.


Having dentures made and fitted is a process requiring several appointments over a few weeks. Several appointments are usually needed to get the shape and fit of the dentures to look natural on each individual patient.

After receiving the new appliance, patients initially have more saliva and some soreness as your mouth gets accustomed to the new dentures. It’s possible you may have some difficulty talking or eating at first, but this subsides fairly quickly.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, regular oral hygiene, and visits to Clinton Dental Center, your dentures’ life can be maximized.

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