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Get the personalized care you deserve from a trusted oral surgeon in Chesterfield, Michigan. Dr. Sadikoff has served Macomb County for over 16 years, providing superior patient care and value-added dentistry services for patients of all ages. From corrective oral surgery to professional teeth whitening, you can transform your smile with the services and solutions available at Clinton Dental Center.

Personalized Dental Care For All Oral Surgery Procedures

Whether you need emergency oral surgery after an accident or cosmetic oral surgery to enhance your smile, Clinton Dental Center will create a personalized plan just for you. Work with an oral surgeon experienced in:

  • Corrective Jaw Surgery For Overbites And Underbites
  • Dental Implants To Take The Place Of Missing Or Broken Teeth
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal In A Calm, Comfortable Environment
  • Dental Veneers To Cover Existing Teeth And Reshape Your Smile
  • Root Canals And Other Endodontics Treatments
  • Tooth Extraction To Correct Overcrowding OR Prepare For Braces
  • Dental Bridges To Encourage Your Teeth to Fit Together Better

Where is the best oral surgeon near me? You found it! Contact Clinton Dental Center today at (586) 949-5363 to schedule an appointment with trusted oral surgeon, Dr. Sadikoff.

Is Oral Surgery Right For You?

You may not need oral surgery to correct your dental issues. Many patients find that cosmetic dentistry procedures, like dental bonding and porcelain veneers, can improve their smile without going through surgery. To figure out which procedure is best suited to your specific needs, schedule a consultation today. You will get the personalized care you deserve from a trusted dental team you can count on.

How To Prepare For Oral Surgery

Every dental procedure starts with a consultation. In this case, you will meet with an oral surgeon to discuss different types of oral surgery, including the cost, recovery times, and aftercare for each one. After your consultation, you can determine which dental surgery is best for your specific needs.

Before your oral surgery, follow these preparation tips:

  • Arrange For Transportation After Surgery
  • Stock Up On Groceries And Personal Items you Will Need In Recovery
  • Create A Comfortable Space To Rest When you Get Home
  • Find Alternative Care For Your Children Or Pets To Minimize Strain On Your Body
  • Request Days Off Work Well In Advance To Avoid Issues With Your Job
  • Arrange For Rides To Your Follow-Up Appointments Or Other Errands As Long As You Are On Pain Medication

Talk to your oral surgeon about other preparation steps you may need so you can recover quickly after your procedure.

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