Teeth Whitening near You

Teeth Whitening near You
Looking for affordable, high-quality teeth whitening near you? Our Chesterfield dentist office provides complete cosmetic dentistry services, including in-office teeth whitening, take-home teeth whitening and dental veneers. We will evaluate your goals and lifestyle to determine the best teeth whitening plan for you. Everything is personalized to fit your needs. Our office is located at:

Clinton Dental Center
52892 Gratiot Ave.
Chesterfield, MI 48051

To schedule an appointment for teeth whitening near you, contact us at (586) 949-5363.

Affordable and Effective Teeth Whitening near You

Most of our clients are surprised to learn just how affordable teeth whitening can be. You don’t have to spend a fortune to brighten and lighten your teeth. All you need is the right solutions for your short-term and long-term goals. We have several programs to choose from, all using industry-leading tools and techniques. No matter what plan you choose, rest assured that you’re in good hands.

  • In-Office and Take-Home Teeth Whitening Solutions
  • A Personalized Cosmetic Dentistry Plan for You
  • Porcelain Veneers That Stay White Permanently
  • Long-Term Dental Care to Keep Your Smile Shining Bright
  • Natural-Looking Results Using State-of-the-Art Teeth Whitening Tools
  • Judgement-Free Dentistry for All Age Groups

At Clinton Dental Center, we believe in transparency and patient education. We will gladly answer any questions you have about teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, or long-term dental care. Contact us at (586) 949-5363 for a judgment-free consultation.

How to Care for Your Smile after Teeth Whitening

You’ve decided to get teeth whitening near you. What can you do to preserve your new smile? Aftercare will depend on which type of teeth whitening you get. In most cases, we recommend not consuming dark liquids for at least 48 hours after treatment. Your teeth will continue to brighten during that time, and they will be more sensitive to staining. Once you pass that threshold, you can eat and drink as normal.

Ideally, you should brush your teeth 20 minutes after consuming soda, coffee, wine, or other teeth-staining liquids. If you cannot do that, rinse your mouth and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Avoid sugary foods and drinks to prevent tooth decay, and see your dentist twice a year for checkups. With the right maintenance steps, you can enjoy your white smile for years to come.

Contact Us at (586) 949-5363 to Schedule a Consultation for Teeth Whitening near You