From my very first appointment at Clinton Dental Center, I knew that I was in great hands. I have seen many dentists over the years, Not one has been as professional or thorough as Dr. Sadikoff. I can say with 100% certainty that he and his staff truly care about their patients. Making sure their patients are comfortable and well accommodated is a top priority. I saw Dr. Sadikoff first for braces, unlike many other dentists he was not willing to just put braces on and be done. He made sure I understood that I had TMJ, and treatment for that absolutely needed to be done first. For years my jaw pain went undiagnosed, the relief that he was able to provide through treatment has been a blessing. This entire office is very accommodating in more ways than one when it comes to my busy schedule. I am forever grateful for the outstanding level of care he and his team provide. I recommend Clinton Dental Center to anyone and everyone that is serious about their dental health and really wants a dentist that will work hard to provide the best care possible. I have been seeing Dr. Sadikoff for over a year now and I never want to go anywhere else.