I cannot say enough about Dr. Sadikoff!!! I am forever grateful to him for being the ONLY one to help me get properly diagnosed with TMJ Disorder and Sleep Apnea. I have been struggling for over 7 years with constant migraines, vertigo, and nausea. I have seen numerous physicians from neurosurgeons, neurologists, to ENT specialists. I have had every test possible, including MRI and CT scan of my brain, ears, and jaw bone. I even had a full exam done by a group of renowned doctors at U of M Medical Center, after which no one was able to diagnose me. I was left desperate, not able to function in my day to day activities, simply miserable. Dr. Sadikoff SAVED me!!! He advised me to get checked for Sleep Apnea and also diagnosed me with severe arthritis of my jaw joint. He prescribed an appropriate oral appliance that got rid of my symptom within a matter of couple of weeks. I cannot be Thankful enough to him and his staff for their knowledge, He is AMAZING!!!!