Best Dental Implant Dentist in Macomb County MI

Best Dental Implant Dentist in Macomb County MI

Getting a dental implant doesn’t have to be a scary process. In fact, you should be able to enjoy this step in your smile journey. At Clinton Dental Center, you’ll receive positive support through the dental implant consultation and the aftercare appointments. The benefits of getting a dental implant include:

  • Secure Your Replacement Teeth Directly to Your Jawbone
  • Prevent Gum Recession, Teeth Shifting, Tooth Decay and Bone Loss
  • Extend the Life of Your Dental Crown, Bridge or Arch
  • Protect Surrounding Teeth and Fortify Your Smile
  • Work with One of Best Dental Implant Dentists in Macomb County MI

If you’d like to learn more about getting a dental implant in Macomb County MI, give us a call at (586) 949-5363. We look forward to guiding you toward a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

What to Expect When Getting a Dental Implant

The general steps in implant dentistry are the same for every client, but there are some variations to keep in mind. For example, if your jawbone is not thick enough to properly support the implant, you may need bone grafting prior to the implant procedure. Most people experience the following steps when working with a dental implant dentist:

  • Get an In-Person Consultation to Evaluate Your Tooth Replacement Options
  • Determine if a Dental Implant Is the Best Fit for Your Overall Needs
  • Complete a Series of Appointments to Extract the Original Tooth, Install the Dental Implant, and Attach the Crown to the Abutment
  • Attend Follow-up Appointments to Ensure the Implant Is Well-Secured
  • Come in for Twice-Yearly Teeth Cleanings to Preserve Your Oral Health

To schedule your dental implant consultation, contact Clinton Dental Center at (586) 949-5363.

Flexible Appointments for Dental Implant Consultations

You have a busy life, and it’s hard to find time to see the dentist. We get that! Clinton Dental Center provides flexible appointment times, so you can see the best dental implant dentist at a time that works for you. Give us a call or visit our office to set up your first appointment.


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Simply contact our office ahead of time to arrange a convenient appointment time that suits your schedule

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