Here's What Our Patients Have To Say

This is how dentistry is supposed to be done.

My brother-in-law used to be a long time patient of Dr. Sadikoff. Six years ago, he and his family moved to Texas. When his new dentist saw Dr. Sadikoff’s work, he was simply amazed by the quality. He called his entire staff to look in his mouth and said, “This is how dentistry is supposed to be done.”

Joe Dibattista

Would not ever go anywhere else.

My husband and I have been coming to Dr sadikoffs office since he started this practice. Would not ever go anywhere else. He and his staff are professional, kind and caring. They have taken very good care of our teeth. Now my husband has the sleep apnea mechanism and it has changed his life style. He is no longer fatigued all day and gets a good night sleep. The whole staff are great but especially Dr. Sadikoff.

Linda Decock

You were born to be a dentist.

There’s no wondering if I’m going to have any pain or problems with the work, because it’s like nothing has been done and feels very natural. He has gentle chair side manners and explains everything that’s going to happen, so I am totally comfortable. I told him ‘You were born to be a dentist’.

Joann Krajewski

There are no horror stories.

I have had three cavities filled by Dr. Sadikoff and can say that there are no horror stories. He makes sure I am numb before he starts and I don’t even feel his shots. That has never happened before at my other dentist.

Jonathan Matthews

It is almost like being on vacation!

Dr. Sadikoff will often say, “You might be a little tender after this procedure” but I never am. He is so gentle and always makes sure that his patient is comfortable. It is almost like being on vacation!

Laura Burback

It’s great not being crazy scared.

It’s great not being crazy scared going to the dentist anymore!

Kathleen Machado

We realized that we made the right choice.

My husband and I recently switched offices to Clinton Dental Center. We were apprehensive at first; but, after meeting Dr. Sadikoff and his staff, we realized that we made the right choice.

Sueann Woolsey

What I really liked about Dr. Sadikoff was his techniques.

I’ve had a lot of dentistry done in the past, but what I really liked about Dr. Sadikoff was his techniques. He explained everything thoroughly before and during the procedures. This made me feel comfortable and assured that he was giving me the best treatment possible.

Teresa Zbikowski

We highly recommend his services.

My wife, our four children and I are absolutely delighted with Dr. Sadikoff and his staff. We have been his patients for many years and during this time, he and his staff have always treated us with the utmost care and sensitivity. We highly recommend his services, which are suited and exceptional for your whole family.

Todd Lindsay

He does great, painless work.

Dr. Sadikoff has been my dentist for the last three years. He is the first dentist that I have found to be painless.

In the past I had put off having dental work done because I was afraid of the pain. This past month, I’ve had some extensive dental work done by Dr. Sadikoff and the most discomfort I felt was when my temporary came off. He does great, painless work and he is cute.

Mrs. Jacquelyn Brennan

Everyone there is so friendly and caring.

I wanted a dentist who could take care of whatever dentistry my husband and I needed, and who didn’t treat us like just another patient. He or she also had to be real good with kids. I hit the jackpot with Dr. Sadikoff. Everyone there is so friendly and caring, and the kids just love their braces.

I’ve been happy to trust our dental care to Dr. Sadikoff since January 2001.

Michelle Jakle

I have recommended your office to all my Navy shipmates.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with each visit I have had to your office, since my first visit in February 2007. My previous experiences with dentists were so traumatic that I didn’t go once I was an adult. I had only one exam in over 25 years.

During my first visit, I was treated with kid gloves; however, when told some fillings need replacing, I was not a happy camper to return. You and your staff assured me that I would be taken care of. Sure enough, I was given the choice of relaxing gas and the numbing really worked. I felt absolutely no pain.

Let me tell you, I have had such good experiences with my 8 visits to your office that I don’t even think about going to the dentist anymore. I have recommended your office to all my Navy shipmates, knowing that they will not be disappointed. Thank you for such a job well done.

SK1 Linda Bauers

Best dental experience of my life!

Coming to Clinton Dental was the best dental experience of my life! From the friendly office staff to Dr. Sadikoff who is so gentle and caring. You have taken the fear of going to the dentist away!

Prudence Stewart

So happy I switched dentist.

So happy I switched dentist, trying to convince other family members to see him.

Kathleen Peterson

Wow, what a difference!

I came all the way from Farmington to see Dr. Sadikoff because I had heard good things about him and his staff. I was very self-conscious about my teeth and didn’t smile much. After Dr. Sadikoff straightened and whitened my teeth, I began smiling all the time. People said I was like a new person.

Wow, what a difference.

Rita Ilyasov

He and his staff are the best!

My sister has worked for many dental offices over the past 16 years and I’ve been seen by all the dentists. She now works at Clinton Dental Center and I told her that if she changed offices again I would remain with Dr. Sadikoff.

He and his staff are the best!

Curtis Younce

They didn’t feel anything.

I was badly traumatized as a child by dentistry. It was so amazing to me when my sons came out of the treatment room and said they didn’t feel anything when Dr. Sadikoff did their fillings.

Diane Bendig

Now I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Sadikoff.

I was terrified of dentists ever since I was a little Kid. Most of all I was afraid of shots.

Now I look forward to my appointments with Dr. Sadikoff. Even though he always warns me that the shot may hurt a little – it never does! It’s simply amazing! I wish I had him as my dentist when I was a kid

Karen Federmesser