Sleep Apnea Treatment

Tired of always feeling tired? You may be suffering from sleep apnea. Up to 20% of Americans experience sleep apnea symptoms, but many of them never seek treatment for their condition. If you feel constant fatigue during the day, it may be because you aren’t sleeping well at night. Our sleep apnea treatment programs will change that and let you get the restorative sleep you need.

“I am forever grateful to him for being the ONLY one to diagnose me properly with TMJ Disorder and Sleep Apnea.”

I cannot say enough about Dr. Sadikoff! I am forever grateful to him for being the ONLY one to help me get properly diagnosed with TMJ Disorder and Sleep Apnea. I have been struggling for over 7 years with constant migraines, vertigo, and nausea. I have seen numerous physicians from neurosurgeons, neurologists, to ENT specialists. I have had every test possible, including MRI and CT scan of my brain, ears, and jawbone. I even had a full exam done by a group of renowned doctors at U of M Medical Center, after which no one was able to diagnose me. I was left desperate, not able to function in my day-to-day activities, simply miserable. Dr. Sadikoff SAVED me!!! He advised me to get checked for Sleep Apnea and also diagnosed me with severe arthritis of my jaw joint. He prescribed an appropriate oral appliance that got rid of my symptoms within a matter of a couple weeks. I cannot thank him and his staff enough for their knowledge, He is AMAZING!

– 11/27/2017 Lolita F. – Troy, MI

Simple Treatment Customized to Each Individual

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) occurs when throat muscles collapse at night. The tongue falls back into the throat, blocking your ability to breathe properly. This causes you to wake up multiple times throughout the night, even if you don’t realize it’s happening. The result: a restless night that leads to an equally restless day.

Change the Way You Sleep

With our clinically proven sleep apnea treatment programs, you will get the solid, high-quality sleep you deserve. Enjoy a wide range of benefits, including…

  • A comfortable, customized device that stops apnea in its tracks.
  • Improved, snore-free sleep.
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and accidents at work or on the road.
  • Daytime energy and alertness.

Don’t Let Snoring Rob You of Quality Sleep

QuietNite laser therapy using the DEKA CO2 laser significantly reduces snoring to give you the quality sleep you deserve. By targeting the tonsils, the uvula, the soft palate, and the tongue, QuietNite laser therapy reduces the loose soft tissue that causes snoring. Treatment is quick, painless, and requires no downtime for healing. One or two QuietNite Laser Therapy treatments a year will have you sleeping soundly through the night.


  • More daytime energy
  • Better mental clarity
  • Fewer symptoms related to disordered sleep
  • Improved quality of life

Treatment is safe, effective, and easy. Sleep better and live better with QuietNite Laser Therapy to reduce snoring, and take back your nights!

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An Affordable Way to Get Better Sleep

Sleep apnea treatment is covered by most insurance programs, and it only requires a couple appointments to complete. The dental appliance is completely adjustable, so you can get the best results possible in the shortest amount of time.

How Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances Work

There are two types of dental appliances for sleep apnea treatment: mandibular advancement devices (MADs) and tongue retaining mouthpieces. Both fit similarly to a sports mouthguard, and they are customized specifically to your smile. MADs push your lower jaw forward slightly, which prevents your throat muscles from collapsing at night. Tongue retainers have an opening to support your tongue as you sleep, creating a clear path for air to flow through.

During your free sleep apnea screening, your dentist will assess your symptoms and facial structure to find the perfect sleep apnea treatment for your needs.

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“It has changed my life!”

Not only did Dr. Sadikoff help me with a better smile and oral health but also by performing the diagnostic testing for Sleep Apnea. It has changed my life! I’m snoring less, sleeping better. My husband sleeps better. He moved back into our bedroom. I can’t say enough about how much this appliance has changed my life!

Katie J. – Clinton Township, MI

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