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Sleep Apnea Treatment In New Haven, MI

Sleep apnea affects millions of people in America, and many of them never seek the treatment they need. Snoring isn’t the only side effect of sleep apnea though. This condition can prevent you from getting the rest your body needs at night. The result is a day filled with fatigue, grogginess, irritability and difficulty concentrating. You can reverse this and other side effects of sleep apnea with a simple treatment program. Clinton Dental Center provides sleep apnea treatment for New Haven, MI and surrounding areas. Contact our office at (586) 949-5363 to schedule a free consultation, and we will go over all of your options with you.

Dependable Sleep Apnea Treatment With A 95% Success Rate

Our sleep apnea treatment programs have a 95% success rate. Sleep apnea dental appliances work for most forms of sleep apnea, including mild and moderate obstructive sleep apnea. If your symptoms would do better with a different treatment program, we’ll let you know during your consultation. Our goal is to get you the right help from the start so you can get the seep you need. Some of the benefits of sleep apnea treatment include:

  • Sleep soundly All Night Long So Your Body Can Rest And Heal
  • Stop Snoring And Help Your Spouse Sleep Better At Night
  • Get A Natural Boost Of Energy That Doesn’t Require Caffeine To Get You Through the Day
  • Increase Your Focus And Attention To Details So You Can Be More Productive
  • Lower Your Risk Of Vehicle Accidents Caused By Sleep Depravation
  • Enjoy Peace Of Mind That You Won’t Stop Breathing While You Sleep
  • Feel Better And Reduce Depression Symptoms That Often Come With Sleep Apnea

Treatment is much closer than you think. Contact our New Haven, MI dentist office to speak with a sleep apnea treatment specialist, and we will get you on the road to recovery.

How Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances Work

How do sleep apnea dental appliances work? In most cases, an oral appliance is used to push your jaw forward slightly when you sleep. This prevents your tongue from falling into your throat and blocking your airway. The appliance fits like a retainer or mouth guard, and it is comfortable to sleep in. Some sleep apnea dental appliances have a special fitting for the tongue to go into if moving the jaw is not a good option. We will design the best treatment for your symptoms and facial structure, and you’ll be on your way to relief in no time!

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