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Plan ahead for Summer Dentist Appointments

If you find yourself delaying your dentist appointments throughout the school year, now is the perfect time to catch up. Schedule some time for family … Read more
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How Often Should I Clean My Toothbrush Holder?

Your toothbrush holder is one of the most frequently used items in your house, but chances are it’s been a while since you cleaned it. … Read more
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Clinton Dental Center Celebrates 20 Years of Service

Dr. Roman Sadikoff took over Clinton Dental Center as a solo practitioner back in 2003. Over the last 20 years, we have helped countless families … Read more

What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Brush Their Teeth

Does your child get angry every time you ask them to brush their teeth? Do you feel like giving up on brushing their teeth because … Read more
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How Your Teeth Affect Your Sleep

If you’re having a hard time sleeping at night, your teeth may be to blame. Your oral health and alignment can impact your breathing, comfort, … Read more
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How to Clean Your Toothbrush between Uses

Your toothbrush is in charge of getting gunk out of your mouth, but what happens to that gunk when you’re done brushing? You should periodically … Read more
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TMJ Pain Relief That Actually Works

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, “the prevalence of temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder (TMJD) is between 5% and 12%.” Millions … Read more
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Should I Pull My Child’s Loose Tooth or Let It Fall out?

Children tend to lose their first tooth around age six and continue losing baby teeth until around age 12. Getting through the first few loose … Read more
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Are You Overbrushing Your Teeth?

Brushing your teeth is a good thing. But just like any other “good thing,” you can have too much of it. Overbrushing can wear down … Read more
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How to Prevent Bleeding Gums

Do your gums bleed every time you brush your teeth? Do you feel discomfort around your gums when you floss or go to the dentist? … Read more
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Oral Hygiene Tips for Senior Adults

Adults over 65 should practice extra precautions to protect their smiles. Teeth experience tremendous wear with each passing year. The older you are, the more … Read more
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Can Children Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are fantastic tools for securing oral crowns and bridges. They can extend the life of replacement teeth and preserve the wearer’s jaws and … Read more
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Why Do Adult Teeth Come in Yellow?

When your child’s adult teeth emerge, they may look darker and more yellowed than the surrounding baby teeth. This is a common experience, but it … Read more
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How to Use Tongue Scrapers

Do you clean your tongue when you brush your teeth? This is an important step in tooth decay prevention that many people overlook. Your tongue … Read more
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How to Care for Oral Crowns

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, dental crowns are the “most common restorative procedure” for significant tooth loss. Many types of oral crowns are … Read more
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When Should I Wean My Baby off the Pacifier?

Have you ever seen someone with a noticeable “hole” between their top and bottom teeth? Even when they close their teeth entirely, the front teeth … Read more
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The Perfect Nighttime Teeth Brushing Routine

Your nighttime teeth brushing routine is arguably the most important oral hygiene step of the day. This is when you prepare your smile for 8+ … Read more
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Adult Braces FAQs: Cost, Experience, and Timeline

Did you know that 25% of braces wearers are adults? There is no age limit for getting braces if your teeth are healthy enough to … Read more
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Why Do Gums Bleed When Flossing?

Do you notice bleeding every time you floss? Are you worried about damaging your gums? Bleeding is a common experience when flossing, and in most … Read more
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Healthy School Snacks for Kid’s Teeth | Pediatric Dentistry Tips

Your child snacked their way through summer, and now they’re back in school. Unfortunately, many traditional school snacks offer little to no nutritional value. Empty … Read more
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How Long Will I Have Invisible Braces Attachments (Buttons)?

Invisalign attachments can speed up the timeline for invisible braces and improve your overall results. These tooth-colored buttons give the braces something to grip onto, … Read more
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Tooth Infection Symptoms, Treatments and FAQs

What are the signs of a tooth infection, and what can you do to treat a tooth infection at home? These are some common tooth … Read more
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Braces before Wedding: How to Plan for a Straight Smile

If you’re worried about what your smile will look like in wedding photos, it may be smart to plan ahead. There are tons of brides … Read more
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How to Tell If Your Child Has a Cavity

Cavities among children are common, so it’s important to monitor your child’s smile. Over half of children ages 6 to 19 have had at least … Read more
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Is Alcohol Bad for Your Teeth?

Your teeth are durable and fragile, all at once. They can bite into crunchy baguettes, and they can rot away with sugary candy. What about … Read more
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Is a Dental Filling Painful?

If you’re worried about getting a dental filling, it may be because you’re unfamiliar with the process. What can you expect along the way? Does … Read more
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What Dental Insurance Does and Does Not Cover

Dental insurance plans are complex, confusing and completely different from policy to policy. If you’re unsure what your coverage options are, your dentist office should … Read more
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Help! My Child Won’t Brush Their Teeth

Oral hygiene is crucial for children of all ages, even before the first tooth erupts. Studies have shown that children with a fear of the … Read more
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What to Do If Your Child Has a Cavity

Worried about your child’s first cavity? Not sure what to do or what to expect along the way? The prevalence of cavities in children is … Read more
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Can You Make a Cavity Go away?

Cavities are incredibly common, but that doesn’t make them anymore desirable. Approximately 92% of adults (20 to 64 years old) have tooth decay or cavities … Read more
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What to Do If Your Dental Crown Falls off

Dental crowns are built to last, but they’re not foolproof. The fact is that sometimes crowns fall out, and that’s something you should be prepared … Read more
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Is Charcoal Toothpaste Bad for Teeth?

Charcoal toothpaste has become a hot trend over the last few years, and people have used activated charcoal to clean their teeth for decades. There … Read more
wood Toothbrush with black charcoal toothpaste

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Bad for Teeth?

Charcoal toothpaste has become a hot trend over the last few years, and people have used activated charcoal to clean their teeth for decades. There … Read more
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How Long Do Porcelain Veneers Last?

Thinking about getting porcelain veneers? Not sure if it’s a wise investment? Porcelain veneers can permanently whiten teeth, and they can transform the shape of … Read more
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How Often Should I Go to the Dentist?

Oral care is nothing to play around with. Nearly half (46%) of U.S. adults over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease, … Read more
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Palate Expanders Explained – How to Shorten the Braces Timeline

Palate expanders are extremely useful tools for preventing overcrowding and correcting bite issues. They’re designed to gently adjust a jawbone while it is still pliable … Read more