natural smile

Nailing That Natural Smile For Photos

Some people naturally know how to take a great picture, and others struggle to look as happy as they actually are. If your smiles always come out looking forced, there are some simple steps you can take to show off your natural smile when the camera is on. In the guide below, we’ll show you…

dental new years resolutions

Set Your Dental New Year’s Resolutions!

New year – new smile! That’s what we always strive for here at Clinton Dental Center. Having a healthy smile is an easy-to-achieve new year’s resolution that you can hold onto year after year. Listed below are some great dental new year’s resolutions for you to keep in mind. Make Both Of Your Dental Cleaning…

dental emergency kit

Make Your Own Dental Emergency Kit

An emergency dental kit can save you a lot of pain and struggle if an issue arises with your smile. You may not think about dental emergencies like you would other health emergencies, but the fact is that they can happen at any time. The guide below will show you how to make a dental…

women oral health

Oral Health Changes For Women

Women and men face different oral health concerns because of the chemicals in their bodies and the experiences they come across in their lifetimes. Women in particular go through a number of changes in their oral health from the time they hit puberty to the time they go through menopause. The information below explains some…

lip piercing

How Lip Piercings Hurt Teeth

If you are thinking about getting a lip piercing in the near future, you need to consider the impact that decision will have on your teeth. Indeed, lip piercings are about much more than a cool metal accessory you can add to your face. They can do a lot of serious damage to your smile…

expired toothpaste

When Does Toothpaste Expire?

Most products these days are perishable. Even bottles of water have expiration dates on them due to the plastic bottles that they are packaged in. This brings up an interesting question in the world of oral care: Does toothpaste expire? The short answer is “yes,” but there is a much longer explanation to accompany it.…

gum recession

Oral Hygiene Tips After Gum Recession

Gum recession is common in adults, and it can cause teeth to become sensitive over time. You can get a gum graft to repair severely recessed gums, but minimal gum recession only requires an adjustment to your oral hygiene routines. If you have slight gum recession, the guide below will show you how to care…

mouthwash recipes

Make Your Own Mouthwash Recipes

Rinsing with mouthwash certainly has its advantages, but there are many mouthwash products on the market that do more harm for your mouth than good. If you are tired of the small selection of mouthwashes your favorite supermarket has to choose from, you might decide to make some all your own. There are a variety…

work lunch

Work Lunches That Fight Bad Breath

The last thing you want to have in the middle of a work day is bad breath. Seeing that most of us don’t have a chance to brush our teeth at work, it would be wise of you to eat foods that will keep your breath fresh throughout the day. Listed below are some tasty…

old toothbrush

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Toothbrush

As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your toothbrush once every six months. That is the time it takes for the brush to lose most of its integrity. If you’re not sure how long it has been since you last got a new toothbrush, the information below will help you determine what to…