Work Lunches That Fight Bad Breath

The last thing you want to have in the middle of a work day is bad breath. Seeing that most of us don’t have a chance to brush our teeth at work, it would be wise of you to eat foods that will keep your breath fresh throughout the day. Listed below are some tasty work lunches that fight bad breath so you can avoid embarrassing situations.


A simple salad is healthy, delicious, and perfect for keeping your breath fresh throughout the day. Of course, some salad dressings are going to lead to bad breath, especially if they have a lot of spices in them. You may want to test out some different dressings until you find one that isn’t going to leave you with long-term bad breath. As a general rule, try to stick with sweeter dressings as opposed to spicy ones because those will be less likely to wreak havoc in your mouth.


Fruit may not seem filling enough for lunch, but it can be if you have a decently heavy breakfast. In fact, a light fruit lunch might give you enough energy to get through the day without weighing down your stomach too much. Get some fresh fruit from your local farmer’s market, and don’t be afraid to try something new. You may end up with a new snack to eat no matter where you are.

Grilled Chicken

As long as it has not been heavily spiced, grilled chicken won’t lead to bad breath. This is especially true if you do not eat the skin on the outside, which is where most of the spices are anyway. You could add grilled chicken to a salad or eat it with some other types of vegetables. Best of all, you can cool it the night before and then refrigerate it for lunch the next day.


Yogurt is yet another great food for blocking out bad breath. It is packed full of probiotics that are great for your digestive system, so your whole body can benefit from a smart lunch like this. Add some fresh berries to make your yogurt into a parfait and top it off with a little granola. You’d be surprised by how filling a dish like this can be.


Because sushi is naturally void of heavy spices (garlic, onion, etc.), it does not do much for your breath. Soy sauce will, if you decide to eat your sushi with that, but the sushi itself should not cause bad breath. Try squeezing a lemon or orange over your sushi if you want a little flavor without going the route of traditional dipping sauces.

Find the right balance of flavor and fresh breath, and you can enjoy a full week of pleasant work lunches.