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Home Care Tips For Teeth: Part 2

Continued from Part 1  Eating And Drinking Tips Eating balanced meals with minimal snacks will help you control plaque formation and dental disease in your mouth. In particular, you should avoid sugary foods because that is what the bacteria in your mouth will latch onto. Healthy eating will improve your body and mind as a…

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Home Care Tips For Teeth: Part 1

In order to keep your smile looking its best, it is important for you to take proper care of your teeth at home. Your six month dental cleaning will remove packed-in plaque and tartar, but you should take precautions to ensure the buildup remains low. Before you let your teeth get out of control, follow…

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Prevent Dental Injuries At The Park

The summertime offers the perfect weather for playing out in the park, but all that activity could lead to trouble. The same theory applies to recess time at school, when children are at risk of playground injuries, If you want your child to have a great time without hurting his teeth, the ideas below will…

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Keep Your Teeth Clean At Work

Keeping your teeth clean at work is not always easy because you don’t have a way to brush your teeth. This can lead to bad breath or the ever-dreaded food stuck in your teeth, which may not be the best way to present yourself professionally. The guide below shows how to keep your teeth clean…

tooth fairy

How To Be A Good Tooth Fairy

Teaching your children about the Tooth Fairy is an effective way to encourage them to brush and floss their teeth. If they’re scared to go to the dentist, you can use the Tooth Fairy as a motivational tool, saying that she rewards children who go to the dentist. Since your little winged friend may not…


Do I Need A Root Canal? Part 2

Continued from Part 1  How To Find Out If You Need A Root Canal (Continued) If you have not visited the dentist in a while, watch for the warning signs of root canals listed in Part 1. If you are experiencing extreme pain or sensitivity in your mouth, it would be wise to see your…

root canal

Do I Need A Root Canal? Part 1

If the nerve of a tooth is damaged by decay or infection, you may need to get a root canal. This is an alternative to surgical teeth removal that may save an otherwise healthy tooth in your mouth. Treatment through a root canal can be highly successful, but it is not the best option for…

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How To React In A Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them – hence the name “emergency.” Car accidents, sports injuries, or a simple trip down the stairs can chip or break a tooth on impact. Before you respond in a panic, we wanted to provide a basic guide explaining what to do in a dental emergency. Plan…


5 Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your mouth will be sore for a couple weeks after having your wisdom teeth removed. While this may tempt you to live on a liquid diet, the fact is that you can eat soft foods without increasing your pain levels. If you are getting ready to have your wisdom teeth pulled in the near future,…

oral health during pregnancy

Oral Health Concerns During Pregnancy

Pregnancy transforms the female body in a number of ways. As your body adjusts to accommodate another human being, your mouth may go through a change all its own. It is important to take proper care of your oral health during pregnancy in order to ensure your smile shines bright after birth. Listed below is…