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Older Couple Flossing Gums In Bathroom

Why Do Gums Bleed When Flossing?

Do you notice bleeding every time you floss? Are you worried about damaging your gums? Bleeding is a common experience when flossing, and in most cases, it’s temporary. This guide…

Cropped shot of an attractive young woman brushing her teeth in front of her bathroom mirror

Is Alcohol Bad for Your Teeth?

Your teeth are durable and fragile, all at once. They can bite into crunchy baguettes, and they can rot away with sugary candy. What about alcohol though? Is alcohol bad…

Cute teenage girl looking at her teeth in the mirror

Is a Dental Filling Painful?

If you’re worried about getting a dental filling, it may be because you’re unfamiliar with the process. What can you expect along the way? Does it hurt to get a…