Can Fitness Trackers Diagnose Sleep Apnea? MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

Fitness trackers like FitBit have become incredibly popular in recent years. The primary purpose of these devices is to encourage movement and keep track of a person’s exercises throughout the day, but they have a secondary function – monitoring sleep patterns. This brings up an important question: Can fitness trackers diagnose sleep apnea? Our Michigan sleep apnea treatment center is here to provide the answers…

Fitness Trackers Can Detect Sleep Apnea Symptoms (Sort Of)

Fitness trackers are designed to monitor movements, so in theory, they can detect sleep apnea symptoms. You may not notice how often you move throughout the night, but your wristband will. Depending on the sensitivity level you have it set at, your fitness tracker can tell you how often you moved at night or how restless you were in bed.

With this in mind, you will most likely notice other symptoms of sleep apnea before your fitness tracker notifies you about them. Primarily, you will feel fatigued throughout the day because your body was not able to fall into a deep sleep. FitBits and similar devices are definitely helpful for sleep monitoring, but they are far from the only indicators of sleep apnea.

Sleep Trackers Are NOT Substitutes For Professional Sleep Studies

In order to truly diagnose sleep apnea, you need to go through a professional sleep study. This may occur in your home or in a controlled sleeping environment. You will be hooked up to a device that accurately tracks your movements and breathing throughout the night. Even though your fitness tracker can provide some of those services, it is not entirely accurate. A sleep study is. With the data collected during your sleep study, your doctor or dentist can determine the best sleep apnea treatment to suit your needs.

The Right Way To Use Fitness Trackers For Sleep Apnea Treatment

Fitness trackers cannot definitively diagnose sleep apnea, but that does not mean they cannot be helpful in a treatment program. You could use your wristband to monitor your movements at night after sleep apnea treatment to see if your symptoms are improving. Again, you will probably notice other signs of improvement, like having more energy throughout the day or feeing less irritable. The fitness tracker will just show data to back up your other experiences.

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