How to Use Tongue Scrapers

Orange background black woman with tongue sticking out

Do you clean your tongue when you brush your teeth? This is an important step in tooth decay prevention that many people overlook. Your tongue can trap food and bacteria, which ultimately leads to tooth decay. Read on to learn how to use tongue scrapers to protect your smile. What Do Tongue Scrapers Do? Most … Read more

How to Care for Oral Crowns

Dentist Telling Patient About Oral Crown Care

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, dental crowns are the “most common restorative procedure” for significant tooth loss. Many types of oral crowns are available, ranging in material and attachment style. All dental crowns require the same basic care techniques, and the good news is that it isn’t much different than your current hygiene … Read more

When Should I Wean My Baby off the Pacifier?

Infant with Pacifier

Have you ever seen someone with a noticeable “hole” between their top and bottom teeth? Even when they close their teeth entirely, the front teeth cannot fully connect. This issue is likely the result of pacifier teeth; the good news is that it’s completely preventable. Check out these pacifier teeth prevention tips to wean your … Read more

The Perfect Nighttime Teeth Brushing Routine

Kids Brushing Teeth Before Bed

Your nighttime teeth brushing routine is arguably the most important oral hygiene step of the day. This is when you prepare your smile for 8+ hours of tooth decay prevention. Leaving your teeth unattended creates a breeding ground for uninterrupted tooth decay. We’re here to help you change that. Read on to learn how to … Read more

Adult Braces FAQs: Cost, Experience, and Timeline

Woman Holding Clear Braces

Did you know that 25% of braces wearers are adults? There is no age limit for getting braces if your teeth are healthy enough to sustain them. Let’s answer some common adult braces FAQs so you can make an informed smile care decision. When Is the Best Age to Get Braces for Adults? The timing … Read more

Why Do Gums Bleed When Flossing?

Older Couple Flossing Gums In Bathroom

Do you notice bleeding every time you floss? Are you worried about damaging your gums? Bleeding is a common experience when flossing, and in most cases, it’s temporary. This guide explains why gums bleed and how to prevent flossing discomfort in the future. Why Your Gums May Bleed When You Floss If you do not … Read more

Healthy School Snacks for Kid’s Teeth | Pediatric Dentistry Tips

Two Kids Eating School Lunch

Your child snacked their way through summer, and now they’re back in school. Unfortunately, many traditional school snacks offer little to no nutritional value. Empty calories don’t fill hungry bellies, and they can harm your child’s smile. Let’s explore some good school snacks for kids’ teeth to fight hunger and tooth decay.   Protect Your … Read more

How Long Will I Have Invisible Braces Attachments (Buttons)?

Woman Holding Invisible Braces

Invisalign attachments can speed up the timeline for invisible braces and improve your overall results. These tooth-colored buttons give the braces something to grip onto, but they don’t impede the appearance of your smile. If you’re wondering how Invisalign buttons work or how long you’ll need to have them, check out the guide below. The … Read more

Tooth Infection Symptoms, Treatments and FAQs

Woman Holding Jaw From Tooth Infection

What are the signs of a tooth infection, and what can you do to treat a tooth infection at home? These are some common tooth infection FAQs that we hear from our family dentistry patients. If you think you might have a tooth infection or you’re trying to prepare for the future, the guide below … Read more

Braces before Wedding: How to Plan for a Straight Smile

Bride and Groom Smiling on Wedding Day

If you’re worried about what your smile will look like in wedding photos, it may be smart to plan ahead. There are tons of brides and grooms who specifically get braces before the wedding day so they can feel their best when they say “I do.” This planning takes some advanced thinking though, and we … Read more