How to Remove Braces Marks from Teeth

Are you worried about what your teeth will look like after braces? Some braces wearers see white spots or subtle staining on their teeth after they get their braces removed. These brace marks are usually preventable or treatable, depending on their nature. These tips will help you protect your teeth and keep them looking their best after braces.

What Causes Braces Marks on Teeth?

Plaque builds up on your teeth over time. You will probably notice plaque in the areas between your teeth, but it can also form around metal braces. Plaque feeds on bacteria from the food and drinks you consume. It eventually turns yellow, brown, or white and can stain your teeth if left untreated.

Because the tabs for your braces sit directly on top of your teeth, the plaque builds up around them, not under them. This is what causes braces marks. It’s the same effect as picking an object off a dusty shelf. The dust sits all around where the object used to be, but the area underneath the object is clean. You can use the tips below to prevent braces marks from the beginning of your orthodontic journey.

How to Prevent Braces Stains

Pay close attention to how your orthodontist tells you to brush and floss with braces. This process is different than standard brushing and flossing because you have extra obstacles to work around. Brushing and flossing at least twice per day is crucial to preventing braces marks.

You should also see your dentist for routine teeth cleanings every six months. This is important at any stage, but it is vital for braces wearers. You may find it challenging to clean your teeth with braces, so you’ll need extra help from the pros. Your dental hygienist can clean your teeth from every angle to eliminate plaque and prevent braces stains.

Be mindful of dark-colored liquids you consume, such as coffee or soda. Brush your teeth or rinse out your mouth shortly afterward to minimize exposure. These liquids may stain the areas around your braces tabs, which will create marks on your teeth.

How to Remove Braces Marks from Your Smile

If you just got your braces off and notice marks on your teeth, do not panic. It’s possible that these marks will fade with routine brushing and flossing. They may also go away after your next teeth cleaning, which you can schedule around the time you get your braces off.

If the brace’s stains are prominent, talk to your dentist about teeth whitening or targeted stain treatment. Your dentist may recommend a special type of toothpaste or mouthwash to boost results. Furthermore, you may need to reduce the sugar content in your diet to protect your teeth as a whole. Each person requires personalized treatment. Reach out to your provider to discuss your options.

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