fear of dentist

Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist | Michigan Family Dentist Office

Fearing the dentist is common among children, but that same fear tends to stick with people well into adulthood. This may cause you to miss appointments or avoid scheduling them entirely. If you have dental anxiety, there are some simple steps you can take to get past that fear and move on from it. Here…

sleep apnea myths

Sleep Apnea Myths Debunked | Sleep Apnea Treatment Michigan

Sleep apnea is a common and manageable condition that affects over 18 million Americans and their loved ones. Unfortunately, there are many myths and rumors about this condition that need to be put to rest. In this guide, we will reveal the truth about sleep apnea and explain how you can get sleep apnea treatment…

expired toothpaste

What To Do With Expired Toothpaste | Chesterfield Family Dentist

Did you know that toothpaste expires? That’s why there is an expiration date on each tube of toothpaste. It’s not an indication of when your toothpaste becomes dangerous to use. It just shows you when your toothpaste ingredients lose their potency. Just because toothpaste is expired doesn’t mean that you have to throw it out…

teeth cleaning

Why Do I Need Professional Teeth Cleaning? MI Family Dentist

Professional teeth cleaning is an important part of your oral health care routine. You should have your teeth cleaned twice a year to protect against tooth decay and monitor your oral health. If you have dental insurance, these cleanings are completely free to you. You might as well take advantage of the option! Here are…

sleep apnea oral appliance

Advantages Of Oral Appliances Over CPAP for Sleep Apnea Treatment

There are different types of sleep apnea treatment programs available for most patients. Some patients may not be eligible for some treatment options, but most obstructive sleep apnea sufferers can choose between oral appliances and CPAP machines for their therapy. In this guide, we will explore the advantages of oral appliances over CPAP machines so…

sleep apnea dentist

How To Find A Dentist That Treats Sleep Apnea: MI Sleep Apnea Dentist

If you are interested in getting an oral appliance to treat sleep apnea, you will need to find a dentist who specializes in sleep disorder treatment. Not all dentists have this kind of training, so you will need to do some research before selecting a dentist to use. The tips below will help you find…

teeth whitening holidays

Teeth Whitening Tips For The Holidays: Michigan Family Dentistry

The holidays are coming up, which means you’ll be in a lot of family photos soon. Having a white smile is a great way to look your best and feel confident during big get-togethers. Follow these teeth whitening tips for the holidays, and you can show off your beautiful smile all winter long. Brush Your…

dental veneer care tips

Dental Veneer Care Tips From A Cosmetic Dentist In Michigan

Dental veneers can reshape and whiten your smile for life. They are an amazing tool in cosmetic dentistry, and they have transformed the way people think and feel about their teeth. If you are thinking about getting dental veneers or you already have them, you need to know how to properly care for them. Check…

halloween candy alternatives

Tooth-Friendly Halloween Candy Alternatives: MI Family Dentist

This is the time of year that most households start stocking up on Halloween candy. Before you buy a ton of sugary snacks, consider other options that kids will still love. (No, you don’t have to pass out toothbrushes!) In this guide, we’ll go over some tooth-friendly Halloween candy alternatives that are healthy, affordable, and…