Should I Brush My Teeth before My Dentist Appointment?

Not sure what to do before your dentist appointment? Don’t sweat it. This doesn’t have to be a stressful process, and it doesn’t require a lot of prep work. Whether you show up with a mouth full of food or with pristinely clean teeth, you’re going to receive top-quality oral care. Read on to learn if you should brush your teeth before a dentist appointment.

You Can Brush Your Teeth before Your Appointment…But You Don’t Have to

There is no downside to brushing your teeth before a dentist appointment. Many patients do this because they are worried about having bad breath at the dentist. If you don’t have a chance to brush your teeth though, don’t worry. The dental hygienist is going to eliminate anything you would have cleaned on your own.

If you’re not getting a teeth cleaning during your dentist appointment, you still have nothing to worry about. For example, you may be seeing the dentist for a follow-up appointment after oral surgery or braces. If your dentist needs you to brush your teeth for the appointment, you can always do it at the office. That’s not necessary in most cases.

Can I Eat before My Dentist Appointment?

You can eat before your dentist appointment. Ideally, you should eat a few hours before your appointment to give your mouth a chance to naturally clean itself. That may not be an option with your schedule. If you have to squeeze in a meal before your dentist appointment, it’s not going to impact the outcome.

Other Steps You Can Take before a Dentist Appointment

If you’re seeing a new dentist for the first time, make sure you have your insurance information available for the appointment. You should also prepare to arrive 15 minutes in advance to complete your new patient forms. Have your old dentist office transfer your records to the new dentist office, if applicable, and ask any questions you may have about parking, office hours, insurance coverage, etc.

Should I Brush My Teeth after My Teeth Cleaning?

After your dentist appointment, you should still plan to brush your teeth on your normal schedule. The teeth cleaning is thorough, but it is ineffective against new food and drinks. Brush twice a day, floss once per day, and see your dentist at least once every six month. Those simple steps will give you the best chance at having a beautiful, healthy smile.

Don’t Feel Self-Conscious! Clinton Dental Center Offers Judgement-Free Dentistry for Everyone

If you’re worried about the state of your smile, don’t be. Clinton Dental Center provides non-judgmental dentistry for children and adults. It doesn’t matter if it’s been years since you’ve seen the dentist. We will welcome you with open arms. We want you to get in a place of good oral health, regardless of former neglect or dentistry issues.

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