Do You Need to Go to the Dentist If You Have Dentures?

Dentist appointments are meant to clean, examine and protect teeth. Is that the case for false teeth, like dentures? Dentures may have different care requirements than natural teeth, but that doesn’t mean you can skip going to the dentist. Read on to learn about the importance of dentist appointments for dentures so you can take proper care of your smile.

Routine Dentist Appointments Track and Preserve Your Oral Health

Twice-yearly oral exams allow the dentist to catch oral care issues at the first sign. This is true for natural teeth and dentures. If there are any problems with your dentures, gums or smile as a whole, your dentist can address them right away. This will minimize your oral health risks and preserve your smile.

It’s also particularly important to see the dentist if you have partial dentures. The dentist needs to clean and look over the natural teeth you have remaining, as well as your dental appliance. No matter what structure you have for your smile, you should see the dentist twice per year.

See the Dentist to Adjust the Fit of Your Dentures

If your dentures aren’t fitting properly, the dentist can address that during your appointments. Your dentist will examine the root cause of the fit issues, whether they’re from gum recession, shifting, denture wear, or other sources. Even if your dentures fit well now, routine appointments can ensure you don’t face fit problems in the future.

Give Your Dentures a Professional Cleaning

Dentures can develop plaque from trapped food, just like natural teeth. They should be professionally cleaned to keep them looking and functioning their best. Not only will this make you feel better about your smile, but it will also extend the life of your dentures. If you have any questions about daily cleaning routines, you can discuss those with your dentist in person.

How Often Should I See the Dentist after Getting Dentures?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend seeing the dentist twice a year for denture checkups. However, your dentist may ask for more frequent appointments, especially if you have an ongoing oral health issue or you’ve just gotten a new set of dentures. The denture specialists here at Clinton Dental Center would be happy to go over your denture care needs.

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