Top 5 Ways To Get A Younger Smile: Cosmetic Dentistry In Michigan

Top 5 Ways To Get A Younger Smile: Cosmetic Dentistry In Michigan

Want a younger, brighter smile? We don’t blame you! The condition of your teeth plays a key role in your overall appearance and self-confidence. Over the years, we’ve discovered a lot of helpful tricks to take years off a person’s smile, and we’re here to share some of them with you. Check out the top…

chipped tooth

Should I Get My Chipped Tooth Fixed? MI Dental Bonding

If you have recently chipped a tooth, you may be debating whether or not to get it fixed or leave it the way it is. If the chip is minor, it may not impact your smile much. That doesn’t necessarily mean it should be ignored though. There are many reasons to get a chipped tooth…

maintenance tips dental bridges

Maintenance Tips For Dental Bridges And Crowns

Dental bridges and crowns are made to be durable, but they can get damaged just like your actual teeth. With proper care, you can make the most of your investment and avoid having to get a new crown or bridge. Here are some quick and easy maintenance tips for tooth replacements to help you keep…

diagnose sleep apnea

Can Fitness Trackers Diagnose Sleep Apnea? MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

Fitness trackers like FitBit have become incredibly popular in recent years. The primary purpose of these devices is to encourage movement and keep track of a person’s exercises throughout the day, but they have a secondary function – monitoring sleep patterns. This brings up an important question: Can fitness trackers diagnose sleep apnea? Our Michigan…

sleep apnea treatment

What To Expect After Sleep Apnea Treatment

Will sleep apnea therapy really make a difference? What can I expect after sleep apnea treatment? These are some of the questions we hear all the time at our Michigan sleep apnea treatment clinic. If you are hesitant about going through with this process, here are some of the benefits you can look forward to.…

valentines day

Show Your Smile Some Love This Valentine’s Day: MI Family Dentist

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you probably have love on the brain. Isn’t it about time that you share some of that love with your smile? Think about all the hard work it puts in for you – constantly chewing, talking, and lighting up your family photos. With these oral hygiene tips, you…

family dentist appointment

Easy Ways To Remember Your Dentist Appointments: MI Family Dentist

As a general rule of thumb, you should see your family dentist every six months for a full oral exam and professional teeth cleaning. This eliminates hard-to-reach plaque that daily brushing and flossing can’t get rid of. At our Michigan family dentist office, we send out reminders well in advance to make sure our patients…

Sleep Apnea Treatment In Michigan

Sleep Apnea Treatment With Clinton Dental Center

70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. Sleep problems affect men and women of every age, race, and socioeconomic level. Unfortunately, most cases remain undiagnosed and untreated. 93% middle-aged women and 82% of middle-aged men with moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea have not been clinically diagnosed (Young, Terry. 1997;20(9):705-706). In many instances people’s symptoms…

nighttime oral hygiene

Children’s Nighttime Oral Hygiene Routine: MI Family Dentistry

By learning how to brush and floss their teeth at an early age, children develop valuable oral hygiene habits to carry with them into adulthood. Even young children who still have all their baby teeth should know how to keep their smile clean and healthy. All it takes is a good nighttime routine to get…

sleep apnea adhd

Sleep Apnea Symptoms In Children Misdiagnosed As ADHD

Obstructive sleep apnea symptoms can appear at almost any age, but most people are not diagnosed with OSA until they reach adulthood. Sleep apnea side effects change with age, and they are often more apparent to adults than children because adults do not bounce back as easily. With that in mind, OSA may also be…