What to Expect after Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an instant confidence booster, and it’s surprisingly affordable. If you’ve been considering this cosmetic dentistry service, you may wonder what will happen in the aftermath. Read on to learn what to expect after teeth whitening, courtesy of Clinton Dental Center.

Note: For the purpose of this discussion, we are referring to professional teeth whitening at a dentist office. Experiences may vary.

Your Teeth Will Continue to Get Whiter

After your teeth whitening appointment, you will notice a change in your smile. However, your teeth will continue to get whiter over the next 48 hours. Your teeth may appear splotchy in areas, but they will become a uniform color as the bleach continues to work. You will see the official “after” results in a couple days.

You May Have Some Mild Pain

Some patients experience pain and sensitivity after teeth whitening. This may occur around the gum lines, near the roots of the teeth. The pain is mild and should not last long. Many patients experience no pain at all. If pain persists after 24 hours, contact your dentist.

Your Teeth Will Be Sensitive for a Few Days

It’s normal for your teeth to be sensitive for a couple days after teeth whitening. You will notice this most when you eat or drink anything cold. Your teeth will also be sensitive to staining for 48 hours after whitening. Thus you should avoid dark drinks like coffee, wine, soda, etc. Check out our guide to learn how to maximize the results of teeth whitening.

You WILL Smile More

You know the amazing feeling you get after a professional teeth cleaning? You want the whole world to see how great your teeth look. Multiple that feeling by a thousand, and that’s what you can expect after teeth whitening.

A white smile is a sign of good health, which naturally makes you look and feel more attractive. You will exude positivity thanks to a stunning smile you’re proud to show off. A simple office visit could do wonders for your self-confidence, and it all starts with a quick phone call to Clinton Dental Center. Reach out at (586) 949-5363 to schedule a consultation for teeth whitening.