prevent cavities

Prevent Dental Cavities In Children: Michigan Pediatric Dentist

It’s important for children to learn good oral hygiene at an early age. This is the best way to protect their teeth and teach them good habits for the future. In this guide, we will explain some technique to prevent dental cavities in children so your child’s smile can stay healthy and strong. Brush Your…

sleep apnea symptoms

How Age Affects Sleep Apnea Symptoms: MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

Some people do not experience sleep apnea symptoms until their adult years, but that’s not always the case. Many of the patients at our Michigan sleep apnea center begin noticing signs of sleep apnea in their child and teen years. It is never too early to get treatment, especially if sleep apnea is having a…

child tooth extraction

Child Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips For Parents: MI Family Dentist

Children may need their teeth extracted for a number of reasons: make room for braces, get rid of a stubborn baby tooth, relieve pressure in a crowded mouth, etc. If your family dentist has recommended that your child has a tooth pulled, you will need to prepare for the aftercare and recovery process. Your family…


Enjoy Sugar Without Hurting Your Smile: Family Dentist In MI

Do you have a sweet tooth you just can’t deny? If so, you need to know the right way to eat sweets. You can enjoy sugar without hurting your smile as long as you are mindful of your oral health. Here are some tips to get you started. Chew Sugarless Gum After Meals Or Snacks…

types of dental veneers

Types Of Dental Veneers In Michigan

Not all dental veneers are created equal. They all serve the same basic purpose, but they are made of different materials that impact the cost, look and durability. During your consultation at our Michigan cosmetic dentistry office, we will evaluate your smile and discuss each type of dental veneer with you. Together, we will come…

dental veneers

Pros And Cons Of Dental Veneers: Cosmetic Dentistry In Michigan

Dental veneers are amazing tools for shaping and whitening a smile. You can achieve just about any look you want with veneers, depending on what your goals are. With that in mind, dental veneers are not ideal for every situation. At our cosmetic dentistry office in Michigan, we evaluate each patient’s needs to help them…

sleep apnea treatment dentures

Sleep Apnea Treatment For Denture Wearers In Michigan

Denture wearers have to be a little more careful with the items they put in their mouth. This is particularly true in the case of sleep apnea mouth guards. Dental appliances can significantly reduce symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, but they are not ideal for every patient. Here we will explore the best sleep apnea…

broken front tooth

The Best Ways To Fix A Broken Front Tooth: MI Family Dentistry

Having a broken front tooth is not ideal for anyone. This is a noticeable problem that can be just as painful as it is uncomfortable. You may have difficulty chewing or speaking with a broken front tooth, and you may become self-conscious about your smile. So, what are the best ways to fix a broken…

slep apnea mouth guard

How Long Do Sleep Apnea Mouth Guards Last? Sleep Apnea Treatment MI

Sleep apnea mouth guards are a safe and effective way to reduce sleep apnea symptoms. These custom dental appliances are designed to keep your airway open as you sleep. As with any treatment option, many people wonder how long sleep apnea mouth guards last, and how reliable they actually are. Let’s explore this concept a…

daytime symptoms sleep apnea

Daytime Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea: MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea doesn’t just affect you at night. The symptoms of sleep apnea occur during the day as well. In fact, a lot of patients first notice their symptoms during the day because they are unaware of how restless they are at night. Here is a look at the daytime symptoms of sleep apnea so…