Will I Need Tooth Extractions before Braces?

Whether you’re getting invisible braces or traditional metal braces, there are some preparatory steps you’ll have to go through. This may include tooth extractions, depending on the circumstances. Let’s explore some of the reasons you may or may not need tooth extractions before braces.

Tooth Extractions to Correct Overcrowding

Many adults have more teeth than their mouth can reasonably handle. If your mouth is overcrowded, there is no room for teeth to go with braces. Your dentist or orthodontist will recommend which teeth to remove to create space in your mouth. As you progress with braces, your existing teeth will fill in the gaps left by the extracted teeth.

Tooth Extractions to Remove Damaged Teeth

You may have a broken or cracked tooth that needs to be addressed before braces. The pressure that comes along with having braces will only make the break worse. Your dentist may recommend repairing the tooth with composite fillings, dental bonding, a crown, or other options. If the tooth is not salvageable or could make much-needed space for teeth alignment, your dentist may recommend removing it altogether.

Tooth Extractions for Adolescent Teeth

In some cases, a child may have adolescent teeth pulled before braces. These teeth would normally fall out on their own, but they may be stuck due to overcrowding. The dentist will assess whether the teeth are ready to come out before making the extraction. Then the braces plan will accommodate the incoming adult teeth.

How Will a Tooth Extraction Impact My Eating and Speaking?

Some extractions occur at the dentist office and some require oral surgery. Some extractions have a longer recovery time than others. There are many factors at play to determine your overall experiences. With that in mind, your extraction should not hinder your eating or speaking abilities for long. Your braces will gradually move your teeth into their new positions, filling in whatever gaps you may have. In the end, you will have a stunning smile that is functional as it is beautiful.

Not Everyone Needs Tooth Extractions before Braces

Having a tooth pulled for braces is common, but it is not required for everyone. If you have sufficient room in your mouth for your teeth to align comfortably, this is a step you’ll skip. However, if you do need an extraction or multiple extractions, don’t worry. This is something that many people go through, and you won’t even notice the missing teeth in the long run.