Creative Tooth Fairy Ideas for 2019

Feel like the tooth fairy has gotten a little boring? Want to do something new and exciting for your kids? Check out these creative tooth fairy ideas for 2019, courtesy of Clinton Dental Center.

Give the Tooth Fairy Special Money

Why would the tooth fairy be carrying around boring old human money? Get creative with the type of currency your child receives. This could be play money bedazzled with glitter that your child can “exchange” for real money from you. It could also be special coins that unlock pre-assigned prizes. Think about what your child would respond to best, and have fun with it!

Pay with Something Other Than Money

The tooth fairy gives out an average of $3.70 per tooth, but money isn’t the only option available. For instance, your child may like receiving a toy or a healthy snack instead. Maybe you could set up a savings account for tooth fairy money, which leads to a video game or a big-ticket item your child wants. The tooth fairy may give out small gift cards to your child’s favorite stores or restaurants. Once again, there is plenty of room for creativity.

Write a Letter to the Tooth Fairy

Why does Santa Claus get all the magical mail? You could have your child send a letter to the tooth fairy after each lost tooth. This could include a drawing of the tooth fairy or a drawing of your child’s face with a missing tooth. Talk about how your child is taking care of his or her teeth, and thank the tooth fairy for past gifts.

Make a Tooth Travel Box

Sometimes the tooth fairy gets busy, so she can’t travel to see every child. Thankfully, you have a magic mailbox that transports the tooth to the tooth fairy! This could be a small box that your child decorates, complete with some stuffing inside. Have your child place the tooth in the box whenever the time comes, and then it can transform into a special prize overnight.

Leave Tooth Fairy Footprints

Glitter is a parent’s worst enemy, but it’s also the tooth fairy’s signature sign. Leave tiny piles of glitter leading from the window to the tooth site. This will show where the tooth fairy has been.

Read Tooth Fairy Books

There are plenty of children’s books about the tooth fairy. These may inspire more tooth fairy ideas for your family. You could choose a tooth fairy book for your child’s bedtime story each time he or she loses a tooth. This is a fun way to get your child excited about the tooth fairy and the present she’s going to leave at night.

Whether your child lost his first tooth or you’re nearing the end of the tooth fairy era, there are tons of creative tooth fairy ideas to explore. Set your own traditions as a family, and enjoy the wonderful memories that come along with them.