Sleep Apnea Treatment In Michigan

Sleep Apnea Treatment With Clinton Dental Center

70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. Sleep problems affect men and women of every age, race, and socioeconomic level. Unfortunately, most cases remain undiagnosed and untreated. 93% middle-aged women and 82% of middle-aged men with moderate to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea have not been clinically diagnosed (Young, Terry. 1997;20(9):705-706). In many instances people’s symptoms…

nighttime oral hygiene

Children’s Nighttime Oral Hygiene Routine: MI Family Dentistry

By learning how to brush and floss their teeth at an early age, children develop valuable oral hygiene habits to carry with them into adulthood. Even young children who still have all their baby teeth should know how to keep their smile clean and healthy. All it takes is a good nighttime routine to get…

sleep apnea adhd

Sleep Apnea Symptoms In Children Misdiagnosed As ADHD

Obstructive sleep apnea symptoms can appear at almost any age, but most people are not diagnosed with OSA until they reach adulthood. Sleep apnea side effects change with age, and they are often more apparent to adults than children because adults do not bounce back as easily. With that in mind, OSA may also be…

alternative toothpaste

Temporary Alternatives To Toothpaste: Michigan Family Dentist

Toothpaste is the ultimate cleaning solution for brushing your teeth, but you may not always have access to toothpaste when you need it. While we would never recommend using the alternatives below for permanent oral care, they may work as a temporary substitute when you don’t have access to conventional brushing options. Here are some…

dental sealants

Childhood Sleep Apnea Treatments: MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

Most people think that a snoring child is cute, but those adorable sounds could indicate a bigger issue at hand. Up to 20% of American children snore periodically, and half of those children snore every single night. A portion of those children are considered “severe snorers,” and many of them suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.…

dental sealants

How Dental Sealants Prevent Tooth Decay: Michigan Family Dentistry

When most people think about tooth decay, they picture cavities and fillings. Before the decay reaches that level though, there are steps that you can take to protect your teeth and avoid future wear and tear. One such solution is the use of dental sealants, which act like shields to keep food from getting trapped…

Invisible braces care

Taking Care Of Invisible Braces Trays: Clear Braces In Metro Detroit

Invisible braces are much easier to care for than traditional metal braces, but that doesn’t mean they’re “care-free.” Clear braces trays can become a breeding ground for tooth-decaying bacteria if they are not properly cared for. Luckily, it does not take much effort at all to keep your aligners clean and your teeth healthy. Here…

traveling invisible braces

Travel Tips For Invisible Braces: Michigan Invisalign Clinic

If you will be traveling this holiday season, you may want to prepare in advance for taking care of your invisible braces. It won’t require much extra work, and a little bit of thoughtful planning will go a long way in keeping your aligners clean and safe. Here are some travel trips for invisible braces,…

baby teeth

Michigan Pediatric Dentistry: When Do Kids Lose Their Baby Teeth?

Your children can start seeing a pediatric dentist as early as one year old. It will take a few years for their baby teeth to fully develop, but eventually your child will come to you saying, “My tooth is loose!” In order to prepare you for this event, our Michigan pediatric dentistry center will explain…

sleep apnea treatment

How Sleep Apnea Treatment Saved Major League Baseball Career

Sleep apnea is more than just an annoyance. It’s a life-hindering condition that makes it difficult to think, function, and move throughout the day. Mike Napoli from the Boston Red Sox knows this all too well. He underwent a special sleep apnea treatment years ago that ultimately saved his major league baseball career. Let’s take…