Drinking Caffeine Could Be A Sign Of Sleep Apnea: MI Sleep Apnea Therapy

Do you drink coffee all throughout the day just to stay awake? Do you feel like you need caffeine in order to stay focused and productive? This may be more than just an addiction to caffeine. It could be a warning sign of sleep apnea.

What Does Caffeine Have To Do With Sleep Apnea?

People who have sleep apnea wake up throughout the night because they cannot breathe properly. Many of them do this without consciously realizing they are waking up. This results in fatigue the next day, something that you may try to remedy with a cup of coffee or soda. Drinking caffeine might be masking a much bigger issue.

Caffeine Could Make Sleep Apnea Symptoms Worse

Caffeine usage can affect anyone’s sleeping habits – not just someone with sleep apnea. You’re forcing your body to stay awake when it doesn’t want to be, and that may make it difficult for you to fall asleep later on. If you have sleep apnea, you’re already getting poor quality of sleep. Not being able to fall asleep will make you drink more caffeine the next day to make up for the lack of energy. The cycle continues from there.

Caffeine can also cause you to feel extremely drowsy once the effects wear off. If this occurs in the middle of a work day or an important activity, you may drink even more caffeine to perk yourself up. If you feel tired because of your sleep apnea, the energy dump that comes after caffeine wears off will make your symptoms worse.

Identifying The Root Of the Problem

Why are you really drinking caffeine so much? Is it because you like the way it makes you feel, or is there something else going on below the surface? At our sleep apnea treatment center in Michigan, we can evaluate your symptoms and put you through a sleep study to determine why you feel tired during the day. If sleep apnea is the cause, we can create a dental appliance to prevent sleep apnea side effects and help you get a better night of rest.

During your sleep apnea treatment, we will encourage you to keep caffeine to a minimum. If you feel tired, we want to know about it so we can adjust your therapy accordingly. It may take a few days to adjust to this new lifestyle, but it will ultimately be the best option for you. Contact Clinton Dental Center today to learn more.