What To Do In A Braces Emergency: SE Michigan Orthodontist

What happens when part of your braces comes loose or undone? Metal braces have many parts. Most of the time, those parts stay exactly where they need to be. However, there may come a time when a bracket, wire, band or other component gets out of place. This guide will show you what to do in a braces emergency so you can be prepared.

Assess The Damage

When you first notice an issue with your metal braces, evaluate the situation. If the metal wire is still situated in the bracket, leave it there. You can use orthodontic wax to keep it in place until you see your orthodontist. If the wire is pushed outside of the bracket, try to gently push it back in place with a cotton swab. If the bracket itself is loose, try removing it so it does not damage anything else. Save it to bring with you to your orthodontist appointment.

If you are in serious pain and need immediate care, contact an emergency dentist office in Southeast Michigan like Clinton Dental Center. Most braces emergencies will not require immediate assistance though, so you should be able to use temporary solutions until you can see your orthodontist.

Schedule An Orthodontist Appointment

If you have an appointment with your orthodontist in the next few days, you may be able to wait until then to get your braces fixed. You could also contact the office to see if your tightening could be bumped up due to the emergency. If you are in between tightenings, schedule an appointment as quickly as possible. Your orthodontist can quickly re-secure the bracket, wire, or anything else that may have come loose in your braces.

Temporary Fixes For Damaged Braces

What can you do between now and your orthodontist appointment in Southeast Michigan? Try these quick tips for braces emergencies:

  • Use orthodontic wax to hold your wire in between a bracket. You can buy this from most stores that sell dental care products.
  • Eat soft foods to reduce the risk of further damage.
  • Brush around the damaged area, but be careful not to pull or push on anything too hard. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mouthwash to keep your teeth as clean as possible.
  • Try not to mess with the damaged area too much. You may be tempted to feel it with your tongue or check it in the mirror, but excessive movement may make the damage worse.

As long as you follow the guide above, you should be fully prepared for your braces emergency.