oral surgeon

What To Expect Before And After Oral Surgery

Getting oral surgery may seem like a scary process, but it’s not as bad as you think. Whether you’re getting a wisdom teeth removal, a dental implant, a tooth extraction, or anything else along those lines, proper preparation before and after oral surgery will help you heal faster and feel less pain during your recovery.…

oral surgery southeast michigan

Common Types Of Oral Surgery In Southeast Michigan

There are several reasons why you may come in for oral surgery at different stages in your life. Children, adults, and seniors alike all have different oral health needs that may warrant surgery over time. Whether you need a single tooth removed or an entire dental makeover, being prepared for what’s to come will help…

at home whitening

Maximize The Results Of At-Home Teeth Whitening

Whether you’re using an at-home whitening kit from your dentist or a product sold over the counter, there are some simple steps you can take to boost your return on investment. By understanding how teeth whitening works, you can prepare yourself before, during, and after the process to get the brightest smile possible. The guide…

teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Teeth whitening is a fantastic process that can dramatically improve the look of your smile. If you have never gone through dental bleaching though, you may have some questions about how the process works and what you can expect during it. In the information below, we will answer some frequently asked questions about teeth whitening…

wisdom teeth

Do Wisdom Teeth Have To Be Removed?

Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental practice that nearly 5 million people go through every year. Some people are born without wisdom teeth or with only one set of wisdom teeth, but many are born with a full set that need to come out. Not every wisdom tooth is destined for removal though. In…

dental consultation

Top 10 Dental Consultation Questions You Need To Ask

Just about every dental procedure starts with a consultation. This gives the dentist a chance to assess the state of your teeth and come up with the best solution for your smile. In order to get the most out of your dental consultation, you may want to figure out what questions you’re going to ask…

white smile

Make Valentine’s Day Special With A New White Smile!

Nothing says love like a happy couple sweetly smiling at one another. If your teeth are dull and discolored though, you may not be keen on smiling with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. There’s an easy solution to the problem though – teeth whitening. You still have time to brighten up your smile before February…

makeup tips

Makeup Tips For Brighter Smiles

Having a bright white smile will keep you looking young, healthy, and confident by showing off your natural beauty. Women have a special advantage in this department because they can use makeup to make their smiles look as white as possible. Whether you have discolored teeth you want to mask or you simply want to…

discolored tooth

How To Fix A Single Discolored Tooth

Do you have one discolored tooth that is disrupting your beautiful smile? Tooth discoloration is common after dental injuries, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to live with a discolored tooth in your mouth. There are a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures that you can use to fix a single discolored tooth, depending…

clear braces for teens

Clear Braces For Teens

Clear braces have been on the market for years now. When they first came out though, they were mainly targeted to adults who didn’t want to wear unsightly metal wires to work and social gatherings. Recently though, a new audience has emerged to take advantage of this clear teeth straightening method. Clear braces for teens…