Makeup Tips For Brighter Smiles

Having a bright white smile will keep you looking young, healthy, and confident by showing off your natural beauty. Women have a special advantage in this department because they can use makeup to make their smiles look as white as possible. Whether you have discolored teeth you want to mask or you simply want to show the world your shiny show-stoppers, the makeup tips below will keep your smile looking as bright as possible.

Avoid Gold Tones In Your Lipstick and Lip Gloss

Gold tones in your lipstick and lip gloss will bring out yellows and browns in your teeth, even if your teeth are naturally white. Stick with pink shades for your lip colors to make your smile look its brightest. You may also choose neutral shades that match your natural lip color, especially if you plan to use dramatic eye makeup. Your beautiful teeth will be stars all their own.

Keep Your Lips Exfoliated

Exfoliated lips will always look healthier than lips with dry, dead cells on the surface. Get a simple lip scrubber to use on a regular basis, and you will make your lips look just as healthy as your teeth. Great lips will draw attention to your great smile every time.

Use Bronzer To Contour Your Cheeks

Applying bronzer below your cheek bones will not only accentuate the contours of your face, but they will also make your teeth look whiter. The warm tones in the bronzer will contrast with the white tones in your teeth to keep your smile looking its best. Avoid orange-hued bronzer as that will pull out the yellow tones in your teeth instead. Stick with natural bronzers and creams, applied subtly to enhance your features – not overshadow them.

Use Cool Tones For Your Eyeshadow

Cool tones on your eyes will make your face look brighter as a whole. All it takes is a little shimmer to draw attention to the whites in your eyes, the whites in your teeth, and the beautiful glow you exude as a whole. If you’re going to use smoky eyeshadow, use a neutral shade on your lips so your features aren’t competing with one another.

Start With A Great White Smile

It’s much easier to make your smile look bright when you have a white smile to begin with. Practice regular oral hygiene, and consider teeth whitening to get rid of any dullness or discoloration on the surface of your teeth. Come in to see us at Clinton Dental Center, and we’ll get you a smile you can be confident about!