Clear Braces For Teens

Clear braces have been on the market for years now. When they first came out though, they were mainly targeted to adults who didn’t want to wear unsightly metal wires to work and social gatherings. Recently though, a new audience has emerged to take advantage of this clear teeth straightening method. Clear braces for teens are in high demand – for good reason – but the question is, are they right for your child? Read on to see if teen invisible braces are a good fit for your family.

Why Teens Want Clear Braces 

It’s fairly obvious as to why teens prefer clear braces over metal braces. Much like the adults they strive to become, teens do not want to be seen with metal in their mouths if they do not have to. Pictures, speeches, and social interactions are all easier to get through when you have a clear tray across your teeth instead of a big metal bar. Nevertheless, some teens just aren’t meant for clear corrective trays.

Teens That Can Benefit From Clear Braces 

Teens that need minor dental adjustments could benefit from using clear braces. The trays can do a lot of the adjustments that traditional braces can achieve, but some teeth are too out of place to work with the trays. Your dentist can tell you if your teen’s teeth can be adjusted with invisible braces or if traditional metal braces are going to be needed for the correction.

Teens That Won’t Benefit From Clear Braces 

If your teen’s teeth are severely misaligned, he or she may need traditional metal braces to properly structure the smile. Some teens are able to transition to clear braces after they have completed a series of adjustments with metal braces, but some are required to stay with traditional braces for the duration of their orthodontia.

Another factor to keep in mind is how responsible your teen is. Can he or she be trusted to wear invisible trays as often as he or she will be required to? The trays are so easy to remove that many teenagers take them out more often than they wear them. This only delays the progress and forces the teen to wear braces even longer than he or she should have to.

The trays need to be cleaned and maintained in addition to regular teeth brushing and flossing, so you need to make sure your child is capable of taking on this new responsibility. If so, you can come in for an appointment to find out if clear braces for teens are right for your child.