Set Your Dental New Year’s Resolutions!

New year – new smile! That’s what we always strive for here at Clinton Dental Center. Having a healthy smile is an easy-to-achieve new year’s resolution that you can hold onto year after year. Listed below are some great dental new year’s resolutions for you to keep in mind.

Make Both Of Your Dental Cleaning Appointments 

Dental cleaning is crucial for the health and strength of your teeth. Children and adults alike should come in for a professional dental cleaning twice a year. This is covered under most dental insurance programs, so you don’t have to pay a hefty fee just to get your teeth cleaned. Basic brushing and flossing will help you maintain a healthy smile, but there is still built-up plaque lying around that needs to be taken care of. That’s where a dental hygienist can assist you. Make both of your dental cleanings this year to keep your smile as clean as possible.

Quit Smoking Or Using Tobacco 

This may already be a new year’s resolution of yours, but it could double as a benefit for your smile. Smoking increases your risk of gum recession, gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, tooth discoloration, and much more. Even if you use smokeless tobacco, you could be putting your teeth and your mouth as a whole at risk for the future. Cut the habit for good, and you’ll see a big transformation in your smile this year.

Eat A Balanced Diet 

Whether you’re aiming to lose weight this year or you just want to have a healthier lifestyle, make sure you have a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. A healthy body will inevitably yield a healthy smile, especially if you take care of your teeth after you eat. Drink water throughout the day, and avoid dark or acidic drinks that could stain your teeth over time.

Brush And Floss Daily 

Get in a good oral hygiene routine. That means brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. You may choose to chew sugarless chewing gum for 20 minutes after each meal to flush out bacteria in your mouth, but the only way to get rid of it for good is to brush your teeth well at night and in the morning. Combine this with any special instructions your dentist gives in your next dental exam, and you should be set for the new year!