braces care tips

Encouraging Your Teen Take Care Of His Braces: MI Family Dentist

We hear this question a lot: “How can I convince my teenager to take care of his braces?” As a parent, you want to make sure your child cares for his teeth during orthodontic treatment. You’re making a big financial investment by getting your child braces, and you want to make sure that investment goes…

bedtime tips

Bedtime Tips For Sleep Apnea Sufferers: MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

Adjusting your nighttime routines can reduce sleep apnea symptoms and improve the effects of sleep apnea treatment. These may not be enough to cure your condition on their own, but they can make a big difference in the quality of sleep you achieve. Here are some bedtime tips for sleep apnea sufferers, courtesy of our…

invisible braces

How To Get The Most From Invisible Braces In Michigan

Invisible braces have taken the world by storm because they are easy to care for, difficult to notice, and less painful than traditional braces. If you have decided to straighten your teeth with Invisalign or a similar product, there are some steps you can take to make your experience as good as it can be.…

traveling with dental appliance

Traveling With Your Sleep Apnea Appliance: MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

It’s important to take care of your sleep apnea dental appliance no matter where you go. Vacation season is quickly approaching, so you need to be prepared for bringing your mouthpiece with you. In this guide below, you will learn how to care for your sleep apnea appliance while traveling so you can continue your…

old toothbrush

5 Creative Uses For Old Toothbrushes | MI Family Dentist

You should replace your toothbrush once every six months and any time you get sick. This is the best way to protect your smile and keep your teeth as clean as possible. This brings up a good question though: “What should I do with my old toothbrushes?” Let’s explore some fun ways to repurpose old…

causes of toothaches

Common Causes Of Toothaches: Emergency Dentist In Michigan

Some toothaches last for a few minutes or hours. Others last for weeks or months on end. There are many potential causes of toothaches, and they all have different treatment options. If your teeth are causing you problems, here are a few possible reasons why… Tooth Decay Tooth decay can cause toothaches, even if it’s…

can sleep apnea fix itself

Can Sleep Apnea Fix Itself? Sleep Apnea Treatment In Michigan

“Can my sleep apnea fix itself?” This is a common question we hear at our sleep apnea treatment center in Michigan. No one wants to deal with sleep apnea forever, and thankfully, you don’t have to. It all comes down to whether your condition will go away on its own or if you will need…

wisdom teeth

Where Did The Name Wisdom Teeth Come From? MI Wisdom Teeth Removal

Have you ever wondered why your wisdom teeth are called “wisdom teeth”? Is it because you get smarter when they come in? Do they have a special connection to your brain? Is the term derived from an old Latin phrase? In this guide, we will explore where the name wisdom teeth came from to give…