Tooth-Friendly Halloween Candy Alternatives: MI Family Dentist

This is the time of year that most households start stocking up on Halloween candy. Before you buy a ton of sugary snacks, consider other options that kids will still love. (No, you don’t have to pass out toothbrushes!) In this guide, we’ll go over some tooth-friendly Halloween candy alternatives that are healthy, affordable, and a big hit with trick or treaters.

Juice Boxes Or Juice Pouches

Juice is a healthy Halloween candy alternative that kids and parents love. You have to be careful about the type of juice you choose though because some juice pouches or boxes are mostly sugar. If you can get organic fruit juice, that is ideal, but it also comes with a heavy price tag. Juicy Juice is a good option if you don’t want to spend the big bucks, and it’s a brand people recognize and trust. Most families will be thankful to have something to drink after walking around all night. Your house is sure to be a hit!

Small Toys

You can find lots of small toys online that are perfect for trick or treating. It’s the same mentality as getting a few toys for stocking stuffers. You don’t want anything with small parts that young children may choke on, but you can find plenty of options that suit all age groups. If you buy these in bulk online or at party stores, you’ll probably spend the same amount of money that you would on candy – maybe even less.

Glow Sticks

Kids love glow sticks, and they can be tons of fun on Halloween night. The children light them up right before it gets dark and get an extra source of protection as they go trick or treating. Once again, you can get glow sticks pretty cheap if you buy them in bulk. You just have to make sure you get enough to support the amount of foot traffic you’re going to see in your neighborhood or at your church (if you’re doing a trunk-or-treat event).

Fruit Snacks

Another healthy Halloween candy alternative is fruit snacks. Just like with the juice boxes, you need to be careful able which fruit snacks you select. Some will be mostly sugar with a little bit of fruit, and others will be mostly fruit with little to no added sweetener. You want whatever has the least amount of artificial sugar in it.

School Supplies

You’d be amazed by how much kids love school supplies. Give them a fun pencil, eraser, sharpener or notebook, and they act like they just got a new toy. You can get small school supplies in bulk just like candy or toys. You might get a big set of one type of school supply, or you may get a variety pack. The kids will be excited about it, and so will the parents.

Halloween Themed Accessories

Spider rings, eyeball glasses, and candy corn socks are just some of the Halloween-themed accessories you could pass out for trick or treating. These give kids a sense of instant gratification. They can immediately slide the ring on their finger and continue on their journey. You’ll need to be mindful of choking hazards once again. You may get two different sets of accessories, one for older kids and one for younger kids. Then adjust your handouts to fit the situation.

Whether you attend a party or pass out treats at your house, these tooth-friendly Halloween candy alternatives will keep kids happy and their mouths healthy at the same time.