Prevent Dental Cavities In Children: Michigan Pediatric Dentist

It’s important for children to learn good oral hygiene at an early age. This is the best way to protect their teeth and teach them good habits for the future. In this guide, we will explain some technique to prevent dental cavities in children so your child’s smile can stay healthy and strong.

Brush Your Teeth As A Family

Children learn best by following good examples. If you take good care of your teeth, your child will follow suit/ You should still encourage your child to do this on his own, but you’re much more likely to get a positive response if you agree to brush your teeth together.

Make this a family adventure – once in the morning before school/work, and once at night before bed. Everyone brushes their teeth for two minutes straight. You can make it a competition or have a fun dance battle during those two minutes. As long as the teeth are getting cared for, you can make the rest of the experience whatever you want it to be. Once your child gets in the habit of brushing his or her teeth every day, the routine will be second nature.

Add Crisp Fruits And Vegetables To Your Child’s Diet

Crisp fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots are great for your child’s teeth. The texture of the food naturally cleans the teeth as your child chews. Fruits and vegetables with high water content will also help rinse the mouth between brushings. By adding more healthy foods to your child’s diet, you can prevent cavities and protect your child’s oral health.

Encourage Your Child To Drink Water

Ideally, your child should drink nothing but water or milk throughout the day. Sodas, sports drinks and artificial fruit juices have high sugar content. Sugar feeds the bacteria that cause tooth decay, increasing the risk of dental cavities in children. Water, on the other hand, rinses out the mouth and flushes that bacteria away. There is nothing wrong with occasionally giving your child a treat, but try not to make that a norm.

Visit Your Pediatric Dentist Regularly

Most pediatric dentist visits are completely covered by insurance, so all you have to do is schedule an appointment. The dentist will examine your child’s smile and oral health to look for signs of dental cavities. In many cases, a pediatric dentist is able to use fluoride treatments or dental sealants to repair tooth decay before it turns into a full blown cavity. This will save you money in tooth repairs, and it will protect your child’s smile.

Clinton Dental Center is a pediatric dentist office in Michigan. We have flexible hours and a fun environment that kids love. We use special equipment designed for a child’s size, so your kid will not feel overwhelmed during a checkup. Contact our office to schedule an appointment, and we will gladly take care of your whole family.