How Age Affects Sleep Apnea Symptoms: MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

Some people do not experience sleep apnea symptoms until their adult years, but that’s not always the case. Many of the patients at our Michigan sleep apnea center begin noticing signs of sleep apnea in their child and teen years. It is never too early to get treatment, especially if sleep apnea is having a major impact on your life. In this discussion, we will look at how age affects sleep apnea so you can understand how your symptoms might progress. 

You Rebound Easier When You’re Young

If you have sleep apnea symptoms when you’re young, you may not think they’re that big of a deal. Your body is able to recoup and rebound faster than it can as an adult. You may still feel tired or disoriented throughout the day, but you may assume that has to do with stress from school, staying up too late, etc. Most teens do not jump to the conclusion that they have sleep apnea. That is why most of our patients do not come in for treatment until they are older and they realize that something is not right with their sleeping habits.

Your Throat Muscles Relax As You Age

The aging process as a whole plays a big role in the progression of sleep apnea. Over time, your throat muscles become more relaxed, much like your skin, facial features, and other parts of your body. Because your muscles do not have the elasticity they once had, they are not able to hold up your tongue like they’re supposed to. As you get older, you become more at risk of developing sleep apnea from basic anatomy changes.

Your Symptoms Only Get Worse

There is no reason to wait to get sleep apnea treatment. The longer you let the condition develop, the worse it is going to get. A large portion of your body’s healing happens while you sleep. If you are not getting a good night’s rest, your body will get even weaker in its fight against sleep apnea. You may also find yourself getting sicker more frequently because your immune system is weakened.

Luckily, you can use sleep apnea treatment like the programs we offer at Clinton Dental Center to control your symptoms and get the solid rest you deserve. Give us a call at [phone_formatted] to schedule an appointment with our family dentist.