Child Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips For Parents: MI Family Dentist

Children may need their teeth extracted for a number of reasons: make room for braces, get rid of a stubborn baby tooth, relieve pressure in a crowded mouth, etc. If your family dentist has recommended that your child has a tooth pulled, you will need to prepare for the aftercare and recovery process. Your family dentist will go over these instructions with you, but the guide below will let you know what you’re in for.

Here are some child tooth extraction aftercare tips for parents.

How To Handle Numbness

Your child’s mouth may be numb for a while after the tooth extraction. During this time, make sure he does not bite his tongue or cheek. Your child should not eat anything until the numbness subsides. Only liquids at first, and nothing should be drank through a straw.

Preventing Dry Socket

Dry socket is a painful experience that may occur after a tooth extraction. This happens when a forming blood clot gets dislodged. The most common causes of dry socket are drinking from a straw and rinsing too aggressively. If your child needs to rinse his mouth, he should just gently shake his head back and forth to move the water around. No cheek puffing or pushing. That pressure can cause the clot to pop out.

Controlling The Bleeding

Your child’s gums may bleed for about 45 minutes after the tooth extraction. This is when the blood clot forms. Your family dentist will send you home with some gauze to control the bleeding. If you need to replace the gauze, get a clean piece slightly damp with warm water. Then place it on the tooth extraction site and have your child bite down gently to hold the gauze in place. If the bleeding continues for longer than an hour after your dentist appointment, you may need to contact your family dentist for further instructions.

Dealing With Pain

Most of the pain from the tooth extraction will subside by the time the numbness goes away. If some pain and swelling persists, apply a cold compress to your child’s cheek in 15-20 minute intervals. You may also give your child age-appropriate over the counter pain medication. Just be careful about how your child takes the medication. If the pill can be swallowed, make sure he or she does not swallow too hard. If the pill has to be chewed, you may want to crush it up to reduce the amount of movement in your child’s mouth.

For more child tooth extraction aftercare tips, talk to your family dentist in Michigan. Clinton Dental Center would be happy to assist you and your family.