Advantages Of Oral Appliances Over CPAP for Sleep Apnea Treatment

There are different types of sleep apnea treatment programs available for most patients. Some patients may not be eligible for some treatment options, but most obstructive sleep apnea sufferers can choose between oral appliances and CPAP machines for their therapy. In this guide, we will explore the advantages of oral appliances over CPAP machines so you can select the right sleep apnea treatment for you.

You Won’t Knock An Oral Appliance Off Your Face At Night

One of the biggest complaints people have about using a CPAP machine is the fact that they knock the machine off their face at night. It’s hard to control your movements while you sleep. Even if you try to “stay still,” you really don’t know what your body is going to do once you slip into dreamland. Because a CPAP machine is a big, bulky piece of equipment, your body treats it as a foreign object you need to get rid of.

Oral appliances are worn inside the mouth. They sit on your teeth like a mouth guard, and they stay in place all night long. This allows you to get consistent sleep apnea treatment throughout the evening, and it ensures that you get the solid rest you need.

You Can Travel Easily With A Sleep Apnea Oral Appliance

If you travel a lot, it may be difficult to fit a CPAP machine into your luggage. There are models designed for travel that are more portable than others, but they will still take up a good portion of your suitcase. As we mentioned before, sleep apnea oral appliances are a lot like mouth guards. They fit easily in a carry on or a small pocket of your suitcase, so you can continue your treatment no matter where you go.

Your Sleeping Partner Will Rest Easier

Some sleep apnea machines are loud. They can keep your sleeping partner up just as much as your snoring did. The quiet models may still be uncomfortable to sleep next to because you, the wearer, are moving around with it in bed. Imagine what it would be like to sleep next to someone with a hockey mask on all night. That is what your spouse will feel like.

Since an oral appliance is worn inside the mouth, there is no bulky mask to worry about. Furthermore, the appliance does not require any electricity, so it will not make noise that keeps your partner awake. You can both rest easily with a dental appliance on hand.

Is An Oral Appliance Right For You?

To find out if a sleep apnea oral appliance is right for you, visit a dentist that specializes in sleep disorder treatment. We offer tested and proven sleep apnea treatment programs here at our Chesterfield, MI dentist office. Contact Clinton Dental Center today to set up an appointment, and we will get you on the road to recovery.