Sleep Apnea Treatment For Denture Wearers In Michigan

Denture wearers have to be a little more careful with the items they put in their mouth. This is particularly true in the case of sleep apnea mouth guards. Dental appliances can significantly reduce symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, but they are not ideal for every patient. Here we will explore the best sleep apnea treatments for denture wearers, courtesy of our sleep apnea dentist office in Michigan.

Sleep Apnea Treatment For Partial Dentures

If you have a set of partial dentures, you may be able to wear a sleep apnea dental appliance. This will depend on how large the partial dentures are and where they are located in your mouth. Having dental implants will add extra support to take the pressure off your gums, teeth and dentures. As long as you have a widespread amount of teeth on both your upper and lower jaw, you should be able to get a mouth guard. The guard will need something to grip onto throughout your mouth.

If you have removable partial dentures that take up a large portion of your smile, the remaining teeth may not be able to withstand the pressure of the mouth guard. Your sleep apnea dentist can evaluate this for you to determine if a dental appliance is right for you.

Sleep Apnea Treatment For Complete Dentures

Patients with complete dentures may need a tongue retaining mouth guard for sleep apnea treatment. Rather than applying slight pressure on the jaw, this device holds the tongue in place at night. If you have fixed dentures anchored by dental implants, this may be a good fit for you. If you have removable dentures that you take out at night, you will most likely need an alternative sleep apnea treatment to reduce your symptoms.

Finding Out Which Sleep Apnea Treatment Is Right For You

The easiest way to find out which sleep apnea treatment option is right for you is to contact Clinton Dental Center. We will schedule a free consultation to go over your symptoms and conduct a sleep study. From there, we will determine which type of dental appliance is best suited for your needs, or we will point you to other treatment options. We are committed to getting you the relief you need no matter what.

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