The Clinton Dental Center Introduces … Briana

At the Clinton Dental Center, we take great pride in making patients feel comfortable, unjudged, and like part of the family. One of the ways we’re able to accomplish that is with our outstanding team members. Our dental assistant Briana for example, is not only highly skilled in the field of dentistry, but always finds a way to relate to patients and make them feel valued.

Briana wanted to join the dental field from an early age. Her original intention was to become a dentist, but “chemistry got the best of me,” she said. “Assisting puts me in the room with the action but with less of the stress.” One of the best parts of being a dental assistant for Briana is that it puts her in a professional setting that allows her personality to shine through while helping people. “As an added bonus,” she said, “I don’t ever have to worry about what I’m wearing to work. Every day is scrubs!”

It’s clear that Briana was destined to help others, as if she weren’t in the dental field, she could see herself being involved in psychology. “I have always been interested in the way the mind works and the reasoning behind why people do what they do,” Briana said. “Strangely enough, when patients get in the chair, I almost become a psychologist just by offering a listening ear. Anything to make them feel more comfortable, because let’s face it — not too many people enjoy hanging out in the dental office.”

Briana’s interests are varied. When she is not making patients feel comfortable and valued, you might find her reading, relaxing with her family, traveling, shopping, and “let’s not forget,” she said, “I enjoy eating almost everything in sight!”

If you’d like to experience the type of care we’ve come to be known for, contact the Clinton Dental Center today to schedule an appointment. We proudly serve Chesterfield, Michigan, and the surrounding communities. We look forward to seeing your smile!