How Often Should I Go to the Dentist?

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Oral care is nothing to play around with. Nearly half (46%) of U.S. adults over the age of 30 have some form of gum disease, and 26% of adults have untreated tooth decay. This leads to tooth loss, infections, oral surgery, and costly bills that could be avoided with routine dentist appointments. How often should … Read more

Palate Expanders Explained – How to Shorten the Braces Timeline

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Palate expanders are extremely useful tools for preventing overcrowding and correcting bite issues. They’re designed to gently adjust a jawbone while it is still pliable to make more room in a child’s mouth for adult teeth. This process can create a shorter braces timeline or eliminate the need for braces altogether. Let’s take a closer … Read more

What Is a General Dentist?

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Family dentist, general dentist, pediatric dentist – what’s the difference between these professions? Do they all offer the same services, or is there a specific type of dentist you should be seeing? Let’s explore what general dentists do and what type of dentist you may need in the future. What Does a General Dentist Do? … Read more

Are Bad Teeth Genetic?

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If you’re insecure about your smile, you might be searching for the root cause. Are bad teeth genetic, or am I doing something that hurts my smile? The answer could be a combination of both. Let’s take a look at how genetics may or may not affect your smile. Some Oral Health Concerns Are Hereditary … Read more

Is Invisalign Painful?

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Invisalign is a popular alternative to metal braces, but this program doesn’t work for every smile. If you’re weighing your options, you may wonder how painful invisible braces are. Do clear aligners hurt less than metal braces? Is there any pain associated with Invisalign? Read on to find out! How Invisalign Works vs. How Traditional … Read more

What Age Should a Child Start Brushing Their Teeth on Their Own?

Child Brushing Teeth

Children rely on their parents for all forms of hygiene until they reach a certain age. This is a big milestone for families because it marks a moment of independence. Is your child ready to brush teeth alone? What age should children start brushing their own teeth? Read on to learn more. Children Should Start … Read more

How to Brush Teeth with Invisible Braces

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One of the biggest perks to wearing invisible braces is that you can remove them for brushing and flossing. Teeth brushing with metal braces is slightly more involved because you must work the floss and toothbrush around the braces brackets. With Invisalign and other clear aligners, you don’t have to worry about that. Here is … Read more

How to Brush Teeth with Metal Braces

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Brushing teeth with braces may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually not hard at all. Once you learn how to get around the metal wires, brushing and flossing is a breeze! Read on to learn how to clean teeth with metal braces. Note: If you have Invisalign or other clear aligners, check out our … Read more

How to Care for a Dental Crown

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Dental crowns look and feel like real teeth, but are they maintained in the same way? Are there any special maintenance requirements for dental crowns? This quick guide explains how to care for dental crowns so you can preserve your smile. How to Brush and Floss with a Dental Crown Brushing and flossing with a … Read more

Can Teeth Stains Be Removed?

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If teeth stains are keeping you from showcasing a confident smile, it’s time to do something about them! There are many ways to remove teeth stains, depending on what’s causing them and how severe they are. Check out these teeth whitening options from Clinton Dental Center. What Causes Teeth Stains? There are several potential causes … Read more