Travel Tips For Invisible Braces: Michigan Invisalign Clinic

If you will be traveling this holiday season, you may want to prepare in advance for taking care of your invisible braces. It won’t require much extra work, and a little bit of thoughtful planning will go a long way in keeping your aligners clean and safe. Here are some travel trips for invisible braces, courtesy of our Michigan Invisalign clinic.

Bring Extra Aligners

Ideally, you should bring your previous set of aligners with you, as well as the ones you are currently using and the next set you will transition to. This may seem excessive, but it is meant as a precautionary measure in case something happens with your current trays. This will also give you a chance to switch to new aligners if you are scheduled to do so while you are on vacation.

If you lose your current aligners and aren’t sure whether to use your old ones or your new ones, call your Metro Detroit orthodontist for assistance. Our friendly staff at Clinton Dental Center would be more than happy to assist you. In general, you should move to the new ones if your existing ones were starting to feel loose. If they were still tight, you will need to go back to the old set until you can get replacement aligners.

Store Your Extra Invisible Braces In Your Carry-On Luggage

If you are flying for the holidays, make sure your backup aligners are in your carry-on luggage. This will ensure that you have them on you at all times. Bring an extra case with you for the aligners you’re wearing so you have some place to store them while you eat.

Rinse If You Cannot Floss

You may not have a chance to brush and floss your teeth like normal while you’re traveling. At the very least, rinse your mouth well with water or mouth wash before putting your invisible braces back in. Rinse the trays themselves with cool water and wipe them with your fingers or a soft cloth. Remember to brush your teeth thoroughly when you get to your final destination.

Talk To Your Orthodontist Ahead Of Time

If you know roughly when you will be going on vacation, talk to your orthodontist about it in advance. He or she may adjust the timing of your alignment to accommodate your holiday hours. If you have any personal care requirements that need to be addressed, your orthodontist can go over those with you as well.

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