Taking Care Of Invisible Braces Trays: Clear Braces In Metro Detroit

Invisible braces are much easier to care for than traditional metal braces, but that doesn’t mean they’re “care-free.” Clear braces trays can become a breeding ground for tooth-decaying bacteria if they are not properly cared for. Luckily, it does not take much effort at all to keep your aligners clean and your teeth healthy. Here are some care tips for invisible braces trays that you can use in the future.

Remove Your Aligners Before Eating Or Drinking

This is one of the biggest perks to having clear braces – you can take your braces out when you eat or drink. Most people will naturally remove their aligners before eating so they can chew easier, but they may not be as inclined to do so when drinking. Anything that can stain your teeth can potentially stain your aligners, and hot liquids like coffee and tea could warp the fit of your braces trays. Unless you are drinking water, make sure you remove your aligners before drinking.

Rinse Your Invisible Braces Trays When You Take Them Out

It’s important to rinse out your aligners with cool water after removing them to get rid of any saliva or plaque that may still be inside. If you did not have a chance to brush your teeth after your last meal, you could also have food particles stuck in the aligners. Be careful about brushing your aligners. Most people are able to get them clean by gently wiping the inside with their fingers, but if you need to use a brush, make sure it has soft bristles. If the aligners get scratched from brushing, the etching may be noticeable as you’re wearing them.

Protect Your Aligners When They’re Out Of Your Mouth

If you are taking your aligners out to eat or brush your teeth, make sure they’re protected. You can put them in your carrying case after you’ve rinsed them out so they aren’t exposed to germs in the air. If you are going to soak your braces trays to clean them, this would be a good time to do that. Putting your aligners somewhere noticeable will also ensure you do not lose them while you’re out in public. We have had so many patients come to our Metro Detroit dentist office for new clear braces trays because they accidentally threw theirs away in a napkin. Be smart about how and where you store your aligners, and you’ll be all set!