Children’s Nighttime Oral Hygiene Routine: MI Family Dentistry

By learning how to brush and floss their teeth at an early age, children develop valuable oral hygiene habits to carry with them into adulthood. Even young children who still have all their baby teeth should know how to keep their smile clean and healthy. All it takes is a good nighttime routine to get your child excited about oral health and the awesome benefits that come along with it. Here is a great example of a nighttime oral hygiene routine for kids.

Part 1 – Bath And Pajamas

To get your child in the clean mindset, have him or her take a bath before bed. This doesn’t have to be every night, but it is a good predecessor to brushing and flossing. After the bath, have your child get into his or her pajamas. On nights where a bath is not necessary, you can still use this as a tool to tell your child it’s getting close to bedtime. Bedtime = brushing and flossing time.

Part 2 – Set Up The Oral Hygiene Station

You may need to make a few adjustments to your bathroom to help your child brush and floss his or her teeth. This will mainly include putting a stepstool in front of the sink (if your child is too short to reach it) and getting the toothbrush, toothpaste and floss out. If your child is still pretty young, you may also need to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush for him or her. This should be no bigger than a pea size. Your child should be there watching you as you get this ready so he or she can learn what to do in the future.

Part 3 – Brush And Floss Your Teeth TOGETHER

This is a great opportunity for you to spend extra time with your children, and it allows them to watch you care for your teeth. You can set a good example for your child to follow and correct any issues that your child may have while brushing and flossing. Hum a silly song together or do a special toothbrush dance – whatever it takes to get your kid excited about oral health. You may even find yourself having some fun along the way.

Part 4 – Rinse And Go To Bed

If your child uses a fluoride mouthwash, let him or her use the rinse after brushing and flossing. Then it’s time for bed. You can complete your normal go-to-sleep routine from there, like reading a book together or singing your child a lullaby. Just make sure that your child does not have anything else to eat or drink during the night aside from water. After a few nights of repeating this same routine, your child is sure to get the hang of brushing and flossing.