Braces for Adults in Chesterfield MI

Braces for Adults in Chesterfield MI

Most adults want straight teeth, but many fear seeing an orthodontist for braces. What will I look like with braces? How much will they cost, and how long will treatment take? Clinton Dental Center offers effective and affordable braces for adults in Chesterfield MI. We provide a myriad of solutions to protect your smile, including:

  • Comprehensive Orthodontics Services, Including Metal and Clear Braces for Adults
  • Family Dentistry, Preventative Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry and Pediatric Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services, Such as Teeth Whitening, Dental Bonding and Porcelain Veneers
  • Custom Crowns, Bridges and Prosthetic Arcs (All-on-Four Dental Implants)
  • Tooth Extractions, Root Canals, and Oral Surgery
  • TMJ Treatment for Facial Pain
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment from a Dentist
  • Routine Teeth Cleanings and Oral Exams
  • Gum Disease Treatment
  • And Other Custom Smile Care Solutions

From routine oral care to complete smile transformations, our highly-educated staff does it all. We far exceed the requirements for continued education because we want to stay on top of dentistry advancements. To learn more or to schedule a consultation for adult braces, contact us at (586) 949-5363.

What Are the Best Types of Braces for Adults?

The best types of braces are the ones that work for your smile. You were probably expecting a direct answer, but the fact is, it’s not that simple. There are many factors that determine which braces are right for you, and we take all of them into consideration. This ensures the absolute best care plan so you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

  • Invisible Braces Are Less Noticeable Than Metal Braces and Typically Take Less Time
  • Metal Braces Can Address a Wider Range of Smile Concerns
  • Invisalign Is Not Right for Everyone – We’ll Discuss Your Smile Goals
  • Metal Braces Are Harder to Clean, But Not Necessarily Harder to Maintain
  • Clear Aligners Require a 22-Hour Commitment Every Day (You Have to Wear Them Constantly for Optimal Results)
  • All Braces for Adults Come with Pros and Cons – Let Us Help You Weigh Your Options

Find out more about getting braces for adults by calling our Chesterfield orthodontist office. You may reach us at (586) 949-5363.

Do Adults Wear Braces Longer?

If you compared a child and an adult with the exact same dental issues, the adult would likely be in braces slightly longer. This is because a child’s smile is still in development, making it easier to adjust into the ideal position. With that in mind, we can create a custom orthodontics plan that delivers amazing results as quickly as possible.

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