Braces for Kids in Chesterfield MI

Girl Smiling Showing Braces for Kids in Chesterfield MI

Over 4 million Americans wear braces, and 75% of them are children and teens. Misalignment is typically easier to address in children because their smiles are still in the developmental stage. Clinton Dental Center offers comprehensive orthodontics services, including braces for kids, teens and adults.

  • Orthodontics and Braces for Kids in Chesterfield MI
  • Invisible Braces, Metal Braces and Other Customizable Treatment Plans
  • Pediatric Dentistry Services That Help Children Get Excited about Oral Hygiene
  • Affordable Teeth Cleanings, Tooth Extractions and Oral Exams That Fit Most Insurance Plans
  • Proactive Oral Care for Children That Lead to Healthy Smiles as Adults
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff Members That Make the Whole Family Excited to See the Dentist

The first step in your child’s braces journey is an in-person consultation. We will evaluate your child’s smile and create a custom orthodontics plan. This may include a series of preparatory steps to reduce the timeline for braces. Give us a call at (586) 949-5363 to reserve your appointment.

What Age Should Kids Get Braces?

At Clinton Dental Center, we start Phase 1 Orthodontics around ages 7-10. However, many of our patients may not get braces until their preteen or teen years, depending on how their smiles develop. This is why we provide personalized braces for kids in Chesterfield MI. Every step along the way is tailored to suit your child’s smile.

  • Routine Pediatric Dentistry Can Aid a Child’s Smile Development
  • Early Intervention May Reduce the Timeframe for Braces or Eliminate the Need Altogether
  • Braces for Kids Start as Early as Age 7, But Each Child Has Unique Needs
  • Clinton Dental Center Offers Affordable Orthodontics for Kids, Teens and Adults
  • Children Should See a Dentist as Early as Possible, Even before Their First Teeth Emerge
  • You Can Bring the Entire Family to the Same Chesterfield Dentist Office

Call (586) 949-5363 to schedule a consultation for braces.

Orthodontics and Family Dentistry under One Roof

Kids sometimes feel intimidated at the dentist office, especially if they’re in a new environment. The beauty of working with Clinton Dental Center is that we offer pediatric dentistry, family dentistry and orthodontics through one office. You can schedule dentist appointments for the whole family, and your child doesn’t have to see a new dentist to get a straight smile. We strive to make healthy smiles as accessible as possible.

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