Clear Braces near Harrison Township MI

Clear Braces near Harrison Township MI

Clear braces have the potential to transform smiles without metal wires. We create a set of custom clear trays that progressively align your teeth over the course of several months. Smile for pictures, talk to peers, eat, brush, and conduct your life like normal with removable invisible aligners on hand.

Clinton Dental Center provides clear braces near Harrison Township MI. As a client at our orthodontist office, you or your child can…

  • Get a Personalized Path to a Straight, Healthy Smile
  • Quickly Align Your Teeth – Most Client Only Need Clear Braces for 6-12 Months
  • Learn How to Care for Your Clear Aligners and Retainer
  • Wear Your Invisible Braces for 22 Hours a Day – You Can Remove Them to Eat and Brush
  • Track Your Smile’s Progress with Comprehensive Care from Clinton Dental Center

To start the process of getting clear braces, contact us at (586) 949-5363.

Affordable Clear Braces That Quickly Align Your Smile

When compared to Invisalign, our clear braces are significantly more affordable and just as effective. In a matter of months, you or your teen can see a significant smile transformation. Clear aligners are custom made for each smile, and they’re much easier to maintain than metal braces. If invisible braces are not a good fit for your smile or budget, we offer metal braces as well.

  • Save Money with In-House Clear Braces That Are Much More Affordable Than Invisalign
  • Come to the Same Dentist Office for Orthodontist Appointments and Teeth Cleanings
  • Smile and Eat with Confidence, All While Straightening Your Smile
  • Find out Which Services Best Suit Your Needs and Budget
  • If You Need Adjustments to Your Clear Aligners, We Can Customize Them for You

Reach out to Clinton Dental Center to schedule a consultation for clear braces near Harrison Township MI. We have proven results and high satisfaction rates because we take pride in our family dentistry and orthodontics.

A Full-Services Family Dentist and Cosmetic Dentist Office near Harrison Township MI

Get your teeth cleanings, oral exams and clear braces all through one dentist office. Clinton Dental Center offers comprehensive solutions for your family’s smile needs. Visit our office near Harrison Township MI to learn more:

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