Orthodontist for Children in Chesterfield MI

Girl In Dentist Chair Seeing Orthodontist for Children in Chesterfield MI

The sooner your child can see an orthodontist, the easier it will be to correct smile issues. Your child may not be ready for braces yet, but we can start to outline a plan for the future. Clinton Dental Center has a top-rated orthodontist for children. Your entire family will receive outstanding care from a highly-experienced dentistry staff.

  • Customizable Orthodontics Plans – We’ll Review Your Insurance Coverage and Discuss Payment Options
  • Friendly Orthodontists, Dental Hygienists and Pediatric Dentists
  • Oral Hygiene Education to Give Children a Solid Foundation for Healthy Smiles
  • Convenient Appointment Times That Work around School Hours
  • Amazing Care from a Top-Rated Orthodontist for Children in Chesterfield MI

Schedule your child’s first orthodontist appointment by calling (586) 949-5363.

All-Inclusive Orthodontics for Children, Including Braces Prep and Aftercare

Braces are just part of the overall orthodontics treatment process. Most patients receive some sort of preparatory services, like tooth extractions or spacers. They also receive teeth cleanings in the time they have braces, along with follow-up care to monitor their smiles after braces. Clinton Dental Center does it all, from gentle teeth cleanings to long-term oral care. We provide:

  • Tooth Extractions, Spacers and Braces Prep for Kids
  • Custom Braces Plans, Including Clear Aligners or Traditional Metal Braces
  • Twice-Yearly Teeth Cleaning before, during and after Braces
  • Oral Health Monitoring to Keep Smiles Healthy and Strong
  • Fluoride Treatments, Dental Sealants and Tooth Decay Prevention
  • Composite Fillings, Metal Fillings and Root Canals
  • Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry for Kids of All Ages
  • Affordable Dental Care in a Judgement-Free Environment

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When Should a Child See an Orthodontist?

Children can see an orthodontist before they’re ready to get braces. If your child is an existing patient at Clinton Dental Center, we’ll monitor his or her smile and recommend the best time for braces. The early stages of orthodontics usually start between the ages of 7 to 10, but that varies from patient to patient. Your child will receive custom care that is tailored to his or her smile development.

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