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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Fixed Bridges:

When teeth are missing, the opposing and adjacent teeth will drift into the empty area causing your bite to drastically change.  A dental bridge is one of many options to replace a missing tooth.  A bridge will not only prevent further ‘drifting’ of opposing and adjacent teeth and restore the integrity of your bite, so you can eat with comfort.

Bridges are secured by crowns on neighboring teeth. They remain above the gum line, and the force they withstand gets distributed along the bridge and its supporting crowns. Bridges are especially effective if the surrounding teeth need crowns. In that case, the entire bridge and crown restoration brings strength and function back to those teeth.


A crown completely covers an existing tooth and restores beauty and chewing integrity.  Every tooth is different, so every crown needs to incorporate just the right structure in order to look good and perform well.

Crowns need to have strength and longevity, which is why Dr. Sadikoff devotes the utmost attention to detail. Your crown will be secure, natural in appearance and structurally intact. Crowns can:

  • Be color-matched to your existing teeth
  • Are made from the highest quality materials
  • Update aging fillings and existing crowns
  • Be placed over a single tooth implant

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