Braces before Wedding: How to Plan for a Straight Smile

If you’re worried about what your smile will look like in wedding photos, it may be smart to plan ahead. There are tons of brides and grooms who specifically get braces before the wedding day so they can feel their best when they say “I do.” This planning takes some advanced thinking though, and we want you to be well prepared. Check out these tips for getting braces before your wedding day.

Invisible Braces vs. Metal Braces before Your Wedding

What is the best type of braces before a wedding? In our opinion, invisible braces are the obvious choice. If your braces treatment runs into your wedding day, you can still remove your braces for the ceremony and photos. You can’t do that with metal braces.

With this in mind, not every smile can be straightened with invisible braces. You may need metal braces in the beginning to handle the major adjustments, or you may need metal braces for the entirety of your treatment. You can discuss all this with your orthodontist so you can plan accordingly.

Get a Braces Consultation Right away

It’s important to get your braces consultation right away, even if you’re not getting married for over a year. On average, invisible braces take at least 6 months to complete, depending on the nature of the treatment. You’ll want plenty of time to wear the braces and get used to your smile before your wedding day. If you will still need braces on your wedding day, starting now will get the bulk of the adjustment out of the way. Your smile might not be perfectly straight, but it will be close enough for you to smile with confidence in photos.

If you’d like an invisible braces consultation, contact Clinton Dental Center at (586) 949-5363.

Identify Your Biggest Goal with Getting Braces (Gap Correction, Overbite, etc.)

Every braces plan is unique. Your plan can be personalized around your goals. There may be some adjustment issues that need addressing no matter what, but you can talk to your orthodontist about what your biggest priorities are. Perhaps you have a canine that sits higher than all your other teeth, or maybe you have a gap in the front that’s noticeable when you smile. Your orthodontist can make a care plan that focuses on those areas.

Plan for Delays That Add to the Braces Timeline

Try not to plan your braces before the wedding right down to the wire. In other words, if treatment is projected to take 6 months, don’t get braces exactly six months before your wedding day. There may be issues that come up and delay your progress. Create a buffer in your timing so you’re not stressed out about your smile’s progress.

Strictly Follow Your Orthodontist’s Orders

Your orthodontist will give you a specific care plan to follow. Listen to that closely. These suggestions aren’t just made to frustrate you. They’re designed to ensure that your smile is straightened quickly and successfully. For instance, if you don’t wear your invisible braces 22+ hours a day, you may spend longer in each set of trays. This will delay your progress and extend your timeline.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions to ensure you care for your smile.

Can I Take Invisible Braces off for My Wedding Day?

If you have invisible braces on the day of your wedding, you can take them off for the ceremony, for photos, and when you eat at the reception. We recommend wearing them at all times around those events because the goal is to keep the trays on as much as possible.

Wear your trays diligently the day before and the day after your wedding to make up for any time you may lose on your wedding day, but don’t stress too much about it. This is a big moment, and we want you to enjoy it!

Don’t forget to bring your invisible braces with you on your honeymoon to stay on track with your orthodontics plan. If you have any issues when you get back, feel free to contact your orthodontist.